By (author): Keith & Megan Provance
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Receive Healing Now!

God has left you many healing promises in His Word and His desire is for you to live in health and enjoy your life! All health challenges, large and small, can be overcome by putting your faith in God's Word. The book of Proverbs states that life and death are in the power of the tongue. What you talk about, you bring to pass. As you begin to declare these powerful promises of health and healing over your life, faith will build in your heart for divine health to become your reality.

Start declaring these Scripture Confessions for yourself and your loved ones and set your life on course for a healthy future!

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What Others are Saying

Review by: R., N.C. - August 1, 2013

Scripture Confessions for Healing is and was an everyday read for me during my battle with cancer. I faithfully proclaimed the confessions and digested the scriptures daily and I am now cancer-free. Praise the Lord. my healer my deliverer !!!

Review by: S., Cave Creek, AZ - June 21, 2010
Since March 30th 2003 I had health issues due to eating shellfish. On Feb. 15th 2007 I had a bad reaction to pork. Both times I had to take one to three months off from work. In between being ill I dropped 80lbs through a walking, journal, weight lifting routine. I had a baby girl Dec 4,2005. I had zero baby weight to loose. The labor was stressful and eight hormones dropped extremely low. In three months I gained 100lbs and in 11 months I was asked to leave work due to extreme fatigue even with my hours cut to two days a week. I started saying the rosary every day. On May 27th 2010 10pm my neighbor noticed my distress and told me to read this every day out loud.(along with another pamphlet type booklet called Healed God's promise to heal by Bill Scheer) by 11:10pm my symtoms were gone after just one reading, thank you,God!
Review by: C., Green Bay, WI - June 17, 2010
I received this booklet as a gift from Harrison House. Shortly after, my sister had a "fluke" surgery error...a stint slipped out of her artery to her heart and she had to have emergency open heart surgery. On the way to the hospital I asked my mother to read, out loud, "Spripture Confessions for healing" and claim them. PTL!!!! The stint was lodged in a valve and did not get to my sisters heart, which is what the doctors predicted and would have been sudden death. She is alive and fine! Praise God for this little booklet that was available in an emergency. His word was spoken, heard, claimed and agreed upon faithfully. This gift has been a great GIFT to my family.
Review by: B., NJ - August 3, 2009
Scripture Confessions for healing

My daughter and I read Scripture Confessions for Healing along with our devotions and find it very comforting and uplifting. My daughter was in a horrible car accident and God is healing her.We find this booklet is a wonderful way of meditating in scripture of GOD'S healing verses each day. I'd like to order some to give out to my friends who have trials to overcome.