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Family Promises
By (author)s: Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781575621180
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Price: $11.99

Few would deny the intense attack on today's families. Rather than having the close-knit relations they dream of, little by little, people from all walks of life are seeing their families torn apart. But God's Word offers hope and solutions. That's why Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have created Family Promises - a collection of scriptures and nuggets of truth especially for families. Inside, you'll find scripture you can stand on for singleness, marriage, children, your in-laws, brothers and sisters in Christ and more.

War is Over
By (author): Andrew Wommack
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781577949350
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Price: $15.99
Through an eye-opening study of the Scriptures, you will find that you can stop struggling in your own strength to be perfect and relax in grace - the grace that Jesus Christ came and died to give to you!
Thermostat of Hope
By (author): Charles Capps
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781937578305
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Price: $2.49

The heart is true to the demands placed on it.

Surely no one would be foolish enough in natural things to argue with you when you turn the thermostat to 70 degrees, but they will when you set your goal on God's promises.

Hope, like a thermostat, is simply a goal-setter with no substance. Faith, which comes from the heart, is the substance of what you desire.

The heart (spirit) of man is like the heart of the heating-cooling unit. Designed by God to produce the very thing you plant in it. You plant it or set the goal by speaking it!

God is Good Curriculum
ISBN: 9780768410341
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Price: $99.99
Force of Righteousness (SP) DS
By (author): Kenneth Copeland
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9780881142990
Availability:  In stock
Price: $5.99

La jusricia es una fuerza que en este momento est? obrando a favor del creyente - un regalo que Jes?s nos provey? un el Calvario. Le naturaleza misma de Dios vive ahora en usted; a fin de cambiarlo.

Little Black Book on How to Get Along With Your Parents
By (author): Blaine Bartel
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781577946267
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Price: $4.99

With over 100,000 books already sold in the Little Black Book series, author Blaine Bartel makes it easy for teens on-the-go. Teens and adults alike love the short, simple list and bullet points filled with humor and hard-hitting truths.

God & The LGBT Community
ISBN: 9781680317749
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Price: $19.99
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Holy Spirit
By (author): Larry Ollison
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781680310535
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Price: $17.99

Many Christians talk about the Holy Spirit, but do they really know who He is? He is the Spirit of God and dwells inside of each of us. In this new book by Dr. Larry Ollison, he answers many questions regarding the Holy Spirit and His purpose in our lives.

8 Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without
By (author): Joe McGee
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781577948278
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Price: $13.99
Joe McGee gives parents eight powerful principles that go beyond vocation, ethnicity, religious background, or upbringing. They are simple things parents can give their kids to help them achieve a higher standard of living - a godly standard that will bring success and God's blessings.
Planet, Heal Thyself
ISBN: 9780768408591
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Price: $16.99
Women of the Word
By (author): Marilyn Hickey
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9780892742387
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Price: $1.99
Allow this book to challenge the faith of every woman who reads this book. Don't despise the birthright God has given you for you, too, can be a woman of the Word!
Your Tongue Determines Your Destiny
By (author): April Shenandoah
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781606834213
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Price: $12.99

Author April Shenandoah takes you through real life experiences as she learned about the power of the spoken word. She teaches how we as believers are not practicing one of the most basic Biblical principles - ask, believe, and receive. She teaches that we are to say what we want and expect it.

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