By (author): Believer's Church
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ISBN: 9781577948810
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From the staff of the progressive Believers Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, including popular author Mark Steele, these spiritually enlightening readings will refresh those who are tired of "religion" and ready for a vibrant, living relationship with God.

"So many wander aimlessly because they never embrace who God made them to be. Instead, they attempt to be like a dozen others who seem to have the life or calling most desired. But, unique works of God - historic works of God - can only happen through the people who accept what sets them apart and who work to refine their gifts so that when God comes calling, they are ready to act. People who realize the full definition of what God created them to be, determine it is much better to accept God's path than to attempt to forge their own."

Christianity is too often presented as rules that lead to a narrow and restricted way of life which distorts the true nature of God. His commands are not burdensome regulations, but loving revelations that invite you into relationship with Him and give you instructions on how to live life in the most beautiful way.

The leadership of Believers Church shares these humorous, thought provoking, and compelling devotions to encourage you to seek out a loving, caring, and exciting heavenly Father who only has your good in mind. He has set each believer apart from the world for a remarkable destiny that can only be found in Him. Instead of focusing on all the dos and don'ts, you will discover adventure and unmistakable joy in the Creator of the universe who desires to have a close, personal relationship with you.

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