By (author): Jackie Mize
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Pregnancy and childbirth are often depicted as a time of sickness and mood swings for women followed by twelve to twenty hours of pain and hard labor. Many women have been told they can never conceive. Others have suffered the pain of conceiving and miscarrying. Have you had enough of this picture?

Supernatural Childbirth is a practical and realistic look at God's promises for conception, pregnancy and delivery. This is not "pie-in-the-sky"-This is a personal testimony of how one couple overcame defeat and triumphed in God's plan! Jackie Mize had been told she could never have children. However, by unlocking powerful truths and dynamic faith principles she and her husband Terry found in the Bible, they now have four miracle children! This exciting book shares with you these truths and faith principles.

You will learn these things:

  • How to put faith principles into action for your very own supernatural childbirth
  • How you can be a living example of God's promises in action
  • How to deal with fear during pregnancy and delivery
  • How and when to use your faith for pregnancy and delivery

Also included in Supernatural Childbirth:

  • Faith-inspiring testimonies from women who have followed these principles and experienced their own supernatural childbirth
  • Confessions and prayers for a supernatural conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and all circumstances surrounding each stage
  • A powerful teaching section by Terry Mize explanning the curse on Eve in the Garden of Eden

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What Others are Saying

Review by: K., Arkansas - February 26, 2013

After miscarriage and stillbirth, it would have been easy to just give up on having a baby. But in my heart of hearts, I could not. I knew it was God's will for me to be a mommy. My sister gave me a copy of this book...and I found encouragement and instruction as well as promises I could stand on. In July 2008, our little Jesse was born and he is our child of promise! He is super smart, super energetic and just a joy! He loves Jesus, too! Everytime I hear of a woman struggling with infertility or who has just become pregnant...I get them this book!

Review by: M, Nigeria - September 3, 2011
I have just finished reading Supernatural Chilbirth, and have deceided to tap into the promises and blessing of labour without pains. I am in my 38th week now and am trusting God to see me through my full term with ease and no complication. I bless the name of God because in him I trust for an easy delivery and unlimited breakthrough.
Review by: N., Kent, UK - June 7, 2011
I got a copy of your book through a colleague and I'm so so glad that I was blessed by this. This book has given me and my husband a lot of hope, encouragement and more because not only are we looking unto God for the fruit of the womb, we now know that we can conceive and deliver in a supernatural pain free way. Halleluyah!! what a wonderful news to know. My husband and I have started the prayers & will continue until the days of supernatural conceiving and delivery. I thank God so much for you. You have truly found your calling Jackie. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. Looking forward to buying the audio version so I can also listen to the promises and claim them everyday. I'll surely testify here of God's favour. Shalom.
Review by: T., Cedar Rapids, IA - May 19, 2011
Thank you Jackie for your amazing book! It was recommended to me in early 2010 after a devastating miscarraige. Prior to this, I had had three children and two losses, all full of complications and fear. But my heart didnt feel done and I felt God had showed me that there was one more child for me. After that third miscarraige I started to doubt. I was so so glad to be given this book by a woman at church. It changed everything for me! I finally realized we DO know what God's will is regarding family and children! And he DOES want to give us the desires of our hearts! In the months that followed, I listened to the tapes in the car and read the book frequently, praying the preconception prayer, and asking God for the little girl I so longed for! When I became pregnant last September, I felt all those familiar feelings of fear and worry starting up, but I dug deeper and prayed the prayers and knew that I knew that I knew, that God was faithful and that this was my promised baby! Suddenly I felt so free! I felt for the first time, real joy in being pregnant not just terror that something was going to go wrong! I did have one complication of threatened miscarraige but I stayed focused on God's promise and symptoms resolved quickly.

Everyone around me was amazed... no one understood why I was having such a smooth complication free pregnancy after several such difficult ones full of bedrest! I knew it with faith, God had healed me and was revealing this for His glory! Of course I went to full term, and on May 7 our precious little daughter Tessa came into the world, healthy and beautiful and perfect! My labor was not pain free, I am able to see where fear came in, but it was better than it would have been. And above all I am healed of so much fear and worry in my life! Our beautiful daughter is here, and I thank you Jackie for teaching me to hang on to my faith which allowed God to give me the most healing wonderful pregnancy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Review by: P., Nigeria - January 11, 2011
Am soooooo happy i came in contact with this your powerful book. if i had this book before i gave birth to my first daughter. childbirth would have been more interesting. i gave birth to my baby precious Ikechukwu in 2009 after 8 hours of painful labor and the doctor had to stitch me. it was very painful Am 5 months pregnant now with my second baby and going through your book supernatural childbirth tonight, i have a conviction in my heart that am going to deliver him the supernatural way. Thanks for sending this book down to Nigeria. child birth here is really awful but with this book we will conquer natural childbirth and do it the supernatural way.
Review by: D., York, United Kingdom - November 27, 2010
I was given the book by my boss at work as a wedding gift and found it so helpful when i became pregnant. I was faced with the following challenges in pregnancy. -The Drs found out that my husband and i were both sickle cell carriers and we were likely to have a sickle celled baby. -Also the found 3 big fibroid growths in my womb which were growing at a rate that made it seem impossible for my baby to survive till the 40 weeks of pregnancy I started claiming the promises of God and depended solely on His word. I closed my ears to all the negative medical reports of the doctors and the Lord saw me through. When i went for my 24 weeks appointment, the Dr confirmed that i was doing far better than they ever thought. I was also told to prepare for a C. S because my baby delayed for 12 days before coming but as God will have it i put to bed a day before the fixed date and i had the baby(Ben, 4.32 kg) within 3 hours of labour which the midwives found extraordinary as a first timer. I give God all the glory and I want to thank Jackie for sharing her experience with many through this book. God bless you.
Review by: O., Lagos, Nigeria - April 26, 2010
A family friend told my wife about this book because we have been trying to conceive for about 2 years. The said family also went through the same problem but now they are expecting their baby with help of the book. The book is a really transforming piece it has help to build our faith and now we are more than convinced that God will grant us the "fruit of womb which are His heritage" we have decided to continue applying the principles you outlined the book and really want you to pray along with us. Although we are in nigeria but we believe that pray works regardless of our location. Thank You so very much.
Review by: P., Accra, Ghana - March 18, 2010
God bless you for this wonderful book it was given to me by my cousin and after reading I apply it to my life. Am pregnant now and believe God will give me the desire of our heart. After reading the book I realise that when we need something from God we have to be specific. Every prayer and confession in the book as I pray it is happening in my life,I did not experience any morning sickness. Glory be to God. God bless you
Review by: P., Newark, DE - November 23, 2009
This book gave me the scriptures I needed!

I got this book after I had a stillborn son 15 years ago. I just happened to see it on a book rack and thought it looked interesting! The scriptures I found inside gave me the courage to have another baby and not live in fear! I got pregnant again and my son is now 12 year old! He is truly a blessing from God and your book showed me how to stand on the word to get him! I have since given away 5 copies of your book and am going to buy some more copies to give away! God bless you!

Review by: J., Trinidad, West Indies - November 23, 2009
Extradordinary Book

A book filled with faith and hope for any new mother or mother-to-be. An easy to read, detailed with helpful suggestions to prepare for your pregnancy and after pregnancy. I have recommended to many women. A must have for all women!

Review by: I., Singapore - November 23, 2009
God works wonder!

God has ministered to me thru' this book and I want to give God the glory and honor. Someone had lent me the book at the time when I was praying for a baby and this book has taught me a lot on how to pray and believe in God's miracles. Indeed after praying for about 6 months, God blessed me with my first child last year. I am now believing in him for my second baby. We are now trying, but somehow it's a rough start. I am again relying on this book, to pray for God's divine intervention and that again, He would reveal his grace and glory in my second pregnancy. To God be the Glory! Amen!

Review by: N., NIGERIA - September 8, 2009

I was actually married 2007 and i started believing God for a child, but each time it came, it left almost immediately; everyone around me even my friends were all getting pregnant and i was womdering why my case was different. It was almost two years later that my friend Doris spoke to me about the book and i spoke the word and now i am pregnant and i have read the book and my fear for delivery is gone; i now know that christ took away my pain and i shall have a painless delivery. Amen!

Review by: C., Lagos, Nigeria - September 8, 2009
Prayer Request in Agreement wit God's words&promis

I heard abt Jackie Mize book when I was like 6wks pregnant, and started reading the book. I have faith that am going to go through labor without pain cos am expecting twin, but with the help of the book and the word and promises of God I've been able to have an enjoyable pregnancy without sickness or any knd of pain. I want you to join me in agreement with Gods word in prayer for a safe and healthy supernatural delivery. After delivery I will send in my testimony.

Review by: N., Bellwood, IL - September 8, 2009
The Word of God is all I have

In 2006, I was already a few months into my pregnancy when I went into a christian bookstore looking for something and I stumbled across your book. I read that book cover to cover and believed in God for a supernatural childbirth. well, Oct 19, i started having contractions (I thought Braxton-Hicks) and I basically stayed at home because I was told that it was false labor even after having a bloody show. I labored at home for about 31 hours when the contractions became more intense late that next evening. I was even able to take naps during my labor! At the hospital, the nurse examined me to discover that I was 9cm dialated! when the doctor showed up, I was standing talking with the nurse and causually conversating. I pushed for 45 minutes to an hour and at 1:39am Oct 21 2006 E. B. was born without any medication! The doctor complimented me and said this was a fun birth. I started reading your book again after having a miscarriage a week before Thanksgiving 08 as far as I know, I am not pregnant yet, but I am confessing and standing on the promises that God made to me to concieve and have another wonderful pregnancy and supernatural childbirth. I thank God for you and what you have shared in your book!

Review by: M., Nigeria - September 8, 2009
Believing in Gods words

Hello jackie and Terry, im writing from abuja Nigeria, i have been married now for about three years going to my fourth year, and i had always wanted to have my children early, but after the second year and nothing happened, i started getting worried then a friend of mine, monica recommened the supernatural child birth to me, i have started reading it, and it has really strengthen me in the word of God. Im believing God that this year i will give a testimony concerning the blessing of the fruit of the womb, because Gods word concering my life is that i will not be barren but im fruitful and multipy. Pls agree with me in prayer always.Thank you.

Review by: R., IN - August 3, 2009
Faithful to every one of His promises

I am here to testify to God's Word working to bring to pass a supernatural delivery. From the timing of going into labor to the answered prayers of a quick, natural (no pain medication) delivery, no pain for a 9 1/2 pd baby born face up (normally back labor), to the precious tangible presence of the Lord in the room, all testified to us of believing and then seeing God's Word come to pass just as He said it would. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to pray for your hearts desire and what to cover so you can experience the pure joy of giving birth to precious children created by God. He is willing to do so much for His kids and this experience surely showed me this truth. Be blessed, challenged, and full of hope in His lovingkindess.

Review by: F., ITALY - August 3, 2009


Review by: A., PLATEAU, NIGERIA - August 3, 2009
This book changed my thinking towards child bearin

My wedding is coming up on 1st of November, 2008. After reading this book it changed my thinking about conception, and it also opened my eyes to God's promises concerning pregnancy and childbirth. Right now I am working and about to start school, and my husband and I are thinking about getting pregnant immediately after marriage. It will be very hectic for me, but I also know that our plans sometimes are not God's plans for us. Please join your faith and pray for us, that if it is the will of God that I get pregnant immediately after the wedding then, let me have a supernatural conception and a supernatural childbirth. Thanks so much, hope to hear from you. Lots of Love

Review by: A., Nigeria - August 3, 2009
supernatural childbirth

I have been so blessed by this book & faith has stirred up within me.I discovered that anything is possible if you only believe.I have been taught that if I speak the Word of God with faith to my body & my baby, they will definitely respond. I also discovered God's plan for us concerning childbearing. All I can say is thank you to Jackie Mize & the revelation of God's word.

Review by: M., Abuja, Nigeria - August 15, 2008
Prayer Request

Dear Jackie, A friend recommended this book to me after our sunday service, l have gone through the book l was very much impressed on what God did for you during your childbirth and am trusting God for children of my own and a painless labour, l got married in 2007, and l took in immediately but later have a miscarriage, am trusting God that before this month is over (August 2008) l will take in again and never will l have a miscarriage again. please join in faith as l wait on the Lord. God bless you and whole family. l love you all. from Mrs. M. N.

Review by: J., Nigeria - April 28, 2008
Supernatural Childbirth

my name is Jennifer Nwosu, from Abuja Nigeria, i am married with four children. two i had Naturally with a lot of pain but normally. when i was pregnant for my third child, i had placenta previa which led to bleeding and later ceaserean section and the baby a boy died. i was told that following the surgery i was not to take in until after two years. but after six months i took in, and the doctors said it was suicidal to have the baby, if at all it must be through another surgery. we were perplexed but as christians we believed God that he that put the baby in will surely bring the baby out. my husband Emmanuel came home one day with some books he bought for our christian library we wanted to start. i saw this book supernatural childbirth and i started to read it. it turned out to be exactly what i needed so i read it cover to cover and held on to all the promises of God in the book concerning child birth. the hospital later said they will try to deliver me normally but if i had the slightest pain they will take me to the theatre for surgery. but it will be risky for baby and me. To cut a long story short, on the day i entered labour, i had no pain at all. By the time i got to the hospital i was 8cm dialated without a slightest pain. i delivered a bouncing baby girl weighing 4.2 kg supernaturally without pain and the doctors were all amazed and asked me why i had no pain at all. i told them that my God is able to do all things and that if you have faith in Gods word nothing shall be impossible. we named the baby faith. she is 3years old now and doing well. i have been recommending this book to all women i come across and telling them that it does not have to be all pain and hard work but God has promised all his Children supernatural delivery with faith in his word. praise be to God.

Review by: B., Canada - April 28, 2008
this book encouraged me.

your book helped to develop my faith and cling to God's promises. today we are blessed with two wonderful children. the pregnancies were both full term without any complications, despite some few negative signs, the lord saw us through both pregnancies and delivery. I confessed the promises of God in this book and experienced God's miraculous power. Glory to God.

Review by: M., Lagos Nigeria - April 28, 2008
Sickle Cell Anaemia

I and my husband are carriers of the sickle cell anaemia traits (AS), meaning there is 1 in 4 chances in every pregnancy to have the Sickle Cell Anaemia (SS). To the glory of God we are blessed with two lovely daughters. When i was pregnant with my second child a neighbor of mine gave me this book to read, i found it very inspirational, i claimed all the promises God had for me concerning my unborn baby. To the glory of God my second child will be five years on august 30th. Iam 5weeks gone now and believing God for another miracle because he has done it twice in my life and i know that he is a God that changeth not, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I promise to share my testimony when the baby arrives. May God continue to bless and enrich you abundantly.

Review by: L., Ontario - February 27, 2008
supernatural childbirth

My name is Laura, i live in Ontario, a friend from church has given me this book to read, my husband and i are longing to have a child and are believing in faith, that God will bless us very soon my faith as a woman and a wife is stronger now than ever. i went to third day worship center here in town and now go there on sunday evenings with a girlfriend of mine, who goes there with her husband, i am reading all these testimonies, i am just believing in total faith that we will recieve this miracle. perfect everything. please keep in contact with me through email if you can and believe in faith with us that God will let us be a mom and a dad........thankyou and bless you your a true inspiration.

Review by: Y., Minneapolis, MN - February 27, 2008
God knows our desires!

I've been happily married for 3 years, when my husband and I decided to get pregnant. First we were trying on our own, with ovulation tests and everything for months and months but it wasn't working so we were starting to worry, when it finally hit us that we were not placing God on first place. That's when we decided to leave it up to Him, at his time and on His terms, we knew that with Him everything is possible! A month later He answered our prayers!!!! I was pregnant, I didn't even have to take a test his Holy Spirit kept telling me even before I missed my period. Since the beginning it's been a supernatural pregnancy, I never got sick, no complications at all, I gain weight so easily that even on that I see Gods work, because I'm 29 weeks and I have gained only 13lbs, it's all in my belly that itself it's a huge miracle after all the things I eat. My ankles have never gotten swollen, etc. I knew in my heart that God could alsa do a miracle with the labor part, I knew that that curse that was given to Eve could be broken in the name of Jesus, so I would say it outloud to friends and family and they would give this look, so in prayers I asked God to tell me what He had to say about chilbirth, I wasn't sure how to apply the little knowledge and my faith to my labor, people would tell me just get the epidural, do this do that, I knew God had a better answer, a perfect plan. God reveled me in dreams that it was possible a pain free labor (which I feel I have experienced that already with my dreams being so vivid). I kept praying for signs and one day I was at the bookstore and God lead me to this book!!!! There was my answer, one more time I confirmed that everything is possible with God! We just need to stay strong on our faith, never fear and let His perfect plan work on our lives! We are still wating until April for our miracle to be accomplished! I know He is under control!

Review by: M., Nairobi, Kenya - September 19, 2007
The Word works

Hi Jackie, Your book was given to me by my Pastor's wife when I was expecting a baby. Up to then, i did not know i could believe God for effortless, painless delivery. After hearing so many horror stories on delivery it is difficult not to believe that that is the normal path we must all go through. After reading the book, my faith was stirred and my husband and I began to confess the word over the pregnancy and baby and refused to listen to the negative. My pregnancy was smooth and without any problems and my delivery was just miraculous. I experienced 'labour' of 2 hours before the baby popped out. I had to argue with the nurses in hospital as they kept insisting i wasn't ready to deliver as labour takes 6 hours or more. I finally called another nurse and insisted on them calling the doctor who made it to the delivery room just on time to hold the child out. I remember all nurses telling me to count myself blessed and thank God as this was not the norm. I have since had twins and experienced delivery in the same way although i had been told twins will usually have to go through operation. I was very adamant with my doctor and insisted it will be natural and this was the case with 2 hours labour. When the doctor came to check on me during labour he could not believe I was in labour as i was sitting up and chatting with my mom-in-law and actually went away as he thought it would be a while before delivery. He had to be paged and came running when the time came. I shared of God's goodness and faithfulness with the nurses in this too and it was a good time of witness. I've come to know that God's promise for us is sure. We only need to step out in faith and believe. After this I have had opportunity to share your book with 3 different mothers to be and they have all experienced miracles in delivery. God bless you for sharing this.

Review by: H., Prairie City, Iowa - August 13, 2007
Hold God To His Word - I Received a Miracle

Thank you for boldly holding God to his Word! I first read your book in early 2005 after I was told it was highly unlikely I would conceive a child without medical assistance. I had been reading God's word before this about divine healing and your book catapulted my faith into a new realm. I wish I could send you my whole written testimony (it's 6-7 pages). Please contact me if you'd like the whole thing. But, the basic thing is this -- what was impossible to and with men is and was possible with God. My reproduction system was basically nonexistent - nothing was going on in there. I was believing God for pregnacy but how would I know? I took tests monthly and the last one I took came out positive! I thought it a fluke and did it again - Positive! I had a completely healthy pregnancy...I was not sick a day from pregnancy, the baby was perfectly formed. Everything that I had every prayed for was coming to fruition - what I call secret prayers - God was answering (things I had told no one about!) We found out the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck twice, but I was not worried. My doctor scheduled me for an inducement 2 weeks before my due date because I was retaining fluid and swelling and he was fearful that the cord would complicate delivery since she was already 7 pounds. I did not want to be induced but agreed to it and just believed that my water would break and I would go into labor on my own, with the doctor right there. I did! The morning of the birth I started having minor contractations and they steadily grew, but I wasn't aware that they were real labor contractions until I was halfway through. My water broke at 7:53 am and at 10:09 am on 5/6/06 Elle Faith was born. The cord was still wrapped around her neck at birth, but my doctor took care of that and she is a perfectly healthy 14 month old that has the call of God on her life! I have had the opportunity to share my testimony at my church and another church and pray with several couples who desire children. At this point I know that all but 1 couple has received a baby. And I just prayed for two women a month ago to conceive and am waiting to hear from them. God is amazing. I'm believing God for a second child and have already received confirmation through a Word of Knowledge that I shall have the desires of my heart soon!!! Praise the Lord! Thank you so much. I shall be reading your other book soon. And I will continue to share and pray in faith for myself and for others.

Review by: M., NIGERIA - June 20, 2007

Indeed this book is highly inspiring,it really inspired and strengthened my faith once again.Im must say that,IM BLESSED.Im putting up my request that u join me in prayer as i stand on God's word according to your teaching,praying and confessing the living word of God.pls join me in faith as i equally believe God for my own Miracle.Especially when you prayed and told God you wanted a baby girl and all the things you requested of the baby and it came to pass as u prayed.I WAS TOUCHED.So i keyed to it,asking God for my own desire,knowing that He is JUST and FAITHFULL,UNCHANGEABLE.that what he did for one HE does for another.Im believing Him for 5kids,1st Twins (a boy and agirl)2nd aboy, 3rd aboy and lastly agirl just like Lynn.I got married 2004Dec,2yrs and 6mths still believing God for children.Have gone through series of medical tests and surgery.But im putting aside those reports behind and trusting God for a SUPERNATURAL CONCEPTION.Holding onto His words.I believe strongly that ,that same God who did it for you,will equally visit me.My next mail will definetly be a TESTIMONY before the year runs out.AMEN.

Review by: E., Lagos, Nigeria - June 20, 2007
The word works

The birth of my son in 2005 was by c-sec but then i still knew God was at work. I would have lost him but for God. He had his cord tightly wrapped round his neck. He was not descending, though he tried. I was 8cm dilated when he became distressed. His heart beat was skipping. Through it all though, i knew this was God. It could have been worse. I was told that it would take at least two weeks to recover and all but i was out of the hospital in 3 days (actually discharged on day 2 but asked for an extra day). On the morning of the delivery, my husband & i read the confession in the book suprernatural childbirth concerning delivery. That's why i believe i had a supernatural delivery 'cos God was definately in it. He was born absolutely healthy without jaundice or any kind of birth defects. We thought of having another baby this year,2007. I read the book again twice and the confessions too. My husband and i prayed and believed God for conception. I got pregnant that same month with no morning sickness. We're believing God for a girl and for a normal, pain-free delivery. We know it is possible because God grants the desires of our hearts. I thank you Jackie for giving us this gift. Your bok has taught me that God meets us at the level of our faith where ever that is. Thank you so much.

Review by: P., lagos,nigeria - May 24, 2007
prayer request

Dear Jackie,i'm one of the million people who have read your book,infact i carry it everywhere i go to.i have been married for a year and eleven months,we will be two years in marriage on the 28th of this month by God's grace and we have been believing God for our own baby.when i found your book,i was excited because i know God has found me and has heard me.i just want you to say a word of prayer concerning me to God and i know he's a faithfull God. God bless you.i promise to share my supernatural childbirth testimony soon in Jesus Name,Amen.

Review by: V., Niles, Ohio - April 24, 2007
Thank you Jackie for sharing your story

I received this book as a wedding gift from a co worker. She said that it helped her so much that she gives a copy to every woman that she knows is getting married. My husband and I tried to conceive for two and a half years. I had read the book and it encouraged me. I struggled through those two and a half years on many levels however I knew that God was working alot in me. (removing fear, removing anxiety of being able to provide for a baby, being genuinely happy for someone who is living your dream when yours doesn't seem to be happening, and much, much more) Once I did get pregnant I had the greatest sense of peace. I had a beautiful pregnancy with no complications. I felt great physically and emotionally. I kept claiming that God would help no matter what. This book completly changed my faith level. I was able to able the principles in this book to other areas of my life and stop limiting God. This book can change your thought pattern. There are so many times we think a situation is impossible but God's solution can be so simple if we being to see it from God's perspective. Thank you Jackie for sharing your story with us.

Review by: G., UK - March 27, 2007
Supernatural Conception

This book was given to me by a sister who was led by the spirit of God after she learnt of my miscarriage and as I began to study and follow every word of instruction in it, my faith was built and it was given to me later as a gift from the man of God during a prayer meeting called Hour of Visitation. I confessed and declared every word of prophecy and that same month, even after my fertile days,(cos I lost count on such days) I conceived without knowing until the following month when I began to feel unusually tired and funny. When I prayerfully did the pregnancy test, it was positive, to the glory of God. I want to thank God for your lives and sending the book to me at the appropraite time and He alone has made all things beautiful in His own time. I am half way gone and God has kept me and the babies strong, hale and healthy. To Him be all the glory.

Review by: L., King, N.C. - March 27, 2007
Prayer Request

Dear Jackie and Terry, I read Supernatural Childbirth January 2005. It encouraged me so much I started believing God Supernaturaly for conception. I got pregnant in April 2005 and 2 weeks later I had a miscarriage. I was so excited! I knew I was pregnant before I confirmed it with a pregnancy test. I took a pregnancy test 4 days before my espected period and it was positive for the first time ever. I went to the doctor a few days later and they did a pregnancy test and blood work and they both were negative. I was devistated but encouraged. My husband and I have been married 14 years and we have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years.My faith has been beaten down this past year so much that I even wonder if it is God's will for me to be a mother biologically anymore. I am now 36 years old and my deepest hearts desire is to have children. I like many others would love to have twins, a boy and a girl, healthy, supernaturaly. I believe I have been pregnant 2 other times in 2005 but they were not confirmed with a prennancy test. Jackie, 7 years ago God gave me Psalm 113:9 He gives the barren women a home so that she becomes a happy mother. I was praying to God wheeping and whaling out of despair, disappoinment and discouragement because of my inability to conceive. So, I asked God to give me a word from the scpitures that I would be a mother and that is when He gave me Psalm 113:9. Over the next couple of months I continued to pray for more answers in God's word, that I would be a mother and God gave me several scriptures. I was on top of the world and I shared these with many loved ones. I have done so much medically and nothing ever worked. I've done acupuncture, herbs and vitamins and I'm still hoping and praying for our little miracles. Will you and your prayer warriors pray for me and my husband? I need to get your tape and re-read your book to re-stengthen my faith. I love your book so much. What a blessing it has been for me. I can't get my husband to read it or be in agreement with me. He has moved on and ecepeted being childless and I have'nt. God gave me the sciptures 7 years ago and I still believe even though my faith is weak right now. Please pray for our miracles to be conceived and and born full term, 40 weeks, healthy and beautiful within the next year. I love you, may God continue to bless you abundantly.

Review by: L., Australia - March 27, 2007
I have hope after a loss!!

I had a HORRIBLE pregnancy last year (2006) where I had morning sickness the whole time and I developed severe preeclampsia & HELLP syndrome at 24wks and had to have an emergency c-section. My daughter was born a tiny 428grams (less than one pound) and lived for 9 days. We were devastated by her loss, but God has carried us through the pain. We know we'll see her again one day ;-) Anyway, a friend of mine phoned me and told me about this book, about 2 months ago. We had been trying for a while. I read the book and feel pregnant 6wks ago. I have had one episode of morning sickness (at 3wks 5 days), but then I prayed to God and concentrated on his word and the morning sickness went away!! I feel wonderful and I know that God is looking after us!!

Review by: U., Ghana - Africa - February 22, 2007
your book has transformed my thoughts

just last year, i concieved and looking forward to having a baby. 4mths along my cervix opened up in the office and and the baby dropping out. I managed to drive to the hospital and was detained for a week. After mths of being at home i lost my baby 6ths and some weeks along. She was beautiful. it had a toll on my husband and i since it was our first child. the doctor said that anytime i got pregnant he'll have to sew up my cervix. My husband got me this book and after i ahd read with all the testimonies and now that i am pregnant again, i know that God is about to do something big. Please pray with us that i will not be hospitalised and have my cervix sown.

Review by: N., Monrovia, Liberia - January 17, 2007
Right on time!!!!!!!

My supervisor at job gave me this book at the right time. Given just at the time, I was scheduled to do some medical process as the doctor said one of my tubes is blocked. Friends told me that the process is very painful. After reading your book, my faith increased to believe God for painless pregnancy. The Bible says God adds no pain or sorrow to his gift. My husband's faith is not too strong and he wants me to go through this process by January, since I didn't do it in December. But, my dear sister, I am trusting God with all my heart that he will bless me with triplets,(boy + 2girls) in this month. Enough is enough, for almost 7 years, the devil has caused me to cry, but in the name of Jesus, crying days are over. I am no longer under the curse of the law. Guess the names of my triplets, Devine, Miracle and Praise!! I have memorized the entire prayer for pregnancy and I just say it, especially when my husband and I come together in pure marital love. Last year, while writing in the card I brought for my husband, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and I wrote it in the card, letting my husband to know that he will be a father on his next birthday which is September 1. I got to tell other women that if God uses the knowlege and I practicalized it and it became a blessing, they too can be blessed. I settle for nothing less and no other time, but this month, the birth month of Jesus Christ!!! is my month of fulfilled desire. I am celebrating 2007 with my children. Whose word, doctor or God, certainly God!!.

Review by: M., Moose Jaw, SK Canada - November 26, 2006
What an Awesome God

I found this book while I was pregnant with our second child. I was soo excited that you could believe for a painless delivery. I prayed the prayers everyday believing that I would receive a Supernatural Delivery. My Husband was struggling spiritual at the time but God honored my prayers for my Supernatural Childbirth. My husband was on a course 1 hr 15 min away from our home the week I was due. Also my doctor was on holidays that week. I just knew that God was in control and I was expecting great things. Well I went into Labour at 7:50 am. It was just a different feeling. I phoned my Dad and Mom ( because they had to pick me up) They drove me to the hospital which was 30 min. away. As we were driving in the west side of the parking lot my husband was driving in the east ( God's perfect timing) All this time there was only an uncomfortable feeling every 5 minutes or so. We got up to the maternity floor at 9:50 am. They put me on the heart monitor. In the mean time I asked my husband to go out and get Kenneth Copeland's Peace CD. I still remember the first song that Kenneth was praying was that all this pressure would be gone. Well before we knew it, it was 10:40 and the doctor came in an broke my water and at 10:43 our son, Houston was born. I still remember through it all I felt so normal in between pushing. I could carry on any conversation. Then I would push again and then it felt like I could talk again to anyone. This is a Supernatural Delivery and I Praise God that you wrote this book. I have since bought many for friends trying to get pregnant and for many to have a Supernatural Childbirth. Blessing on you and Thanks Again for writing such an AWESOME book. !!!!

Review by: R., Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa - November 26, 2006
Request for Prayers

I have been married for a year and a few months now but no pregnancy yet, my sister gave me Jackie's book on supernatural childbirth and I read it in December 2002. I would like Jackie and Terry to help me pray to God so that I will have my own children too. I strongly believe that I will have my own children by his grace.

Review by: M., Hyde Park, Vermont - November 26, 2006
The Word Works!

I have been selling Harrison House books for over 20 years and this is one book I keep in stock all the time as I am totally sold on its contents. I had a customer that had given birth to two children both being very hard deliveries, both breach births, and was pregnant for her third. I sold her Supernatural Childbirth and told her to sit down with her husband and read the book. She said when it was time for her to delliver she went armed with the Word and the baby was delivered normally and with little pain. Before reading the book the doctor had told her the baby was breach like the others and they might have to do a C section. She stood on the Word and delivered the baby normally. God is true to His Word and I want to take this opportunity to thank Harrison House for publishing books that are faith filled and books that let the reader know they can have victory in the middle of the enemy's camp!

Review by: S., Waterloo, IL - November 26, 2006
Needing the book again

I was given this book whilst pregnant with my first child, and i believed that i could have a great pain free delivery, Well My daughter came into the world in only 3 hours 20 mins, with no epidural, and no pain!! It was a wonderful experience. Again with my second pregnancy I stood on the promises' God had for me and delivered my Son, In only 1 hr 20 mins, (20 mins after arriving at the hospital) I got right out of bed after having him, and was amazed at how It didn't even feel like I had a baby!! Well a year later we had a house fire and lost all our belongings, My husband I and the kids got out saftely thanks to God. So i lost my book, I got pregnant again with baby number 3 and didn't use the prayers in the book, and didn't commit as much time into believing everything would be okay, I just took it for granted. Well 11 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy I started spotting and then learned that there was no heartbeat, I miscarried that baby 2 days later. It was devestating to me, and it took a long time to physically and mentally heal. Well now here i am again, pregnant with baby 4 only 4 weeks into the pregnancy i started spotting and the fear raised up in me, I went to see my doctor and he said everything looked fine, So I decided to believe, I got another copy of the book and have started to stand on God's word again and pray the prayers, and I believe that this time everything will be perfect. I am now 7 weeks along and still from time to time have symptons of a miscarriage but I am continuing to stand on God's word. I am having an aultrasound on thursday and I am excited to see my baby for the first time. Please all of you that read this Keep faith and trust God.

Review by: B., Atlanta Georgia - November 26, 2006
Every Woman Should Read

I got this book at the suggestion of a friend at church. My husband was talking with her and her husband at church and realzied that she and I were the same age. I am 40 and starting life late but very much want a child. I have never been told that I will not be able to conceive only that if I do I will have a lot of problems. I know that God gave me the desire to have a baby and I will have one. I also belive that after reading Jackie's book not only will I have one I will have a healthy baby and I will be healthy as well. It was so awesome to read how God's promises had helped so many women. I think that everyone should read this book even before the conceive. It really touched my life and I am sure it will touch anyone who reads it. There is so much I got out of this book all I can say is to anyone who has a desire to become pregnant they should invest the time to read this. It is easy reading. I read it in 3 hours. I know it will bless your life.

Review by: R., Lithonia, GA - November 26, 2006
Expecting Great Things!

I just read the book Supernatural Childbirth yesterday. I couldn't put it down! My husband and I experienced a miscarriage about six months ago and I praise God that I got this book in my hands before we conceive again! I am trusting God for twin girls with grey eyes and lots of hair! Jackie states in the book that you should request these things BEFORE conception so that's what I am doing, and I will keep you posted of my progress. I am believing that everyone who has been touched by this book will have a wonderful painfree delivery and a healthy baby.

Review by: L., Hemet, California - November 26, 2006
I'm so glad it's still around!!!

When I was expecting child #5 of 5 way back 14 years ago, is when I had first heard about Supernatural Childbirth. A friend had loaned a well-worn audiotape to me, and I soaked it all in. Remembering what I learned, our son was delivered in less than an hour from the on-set of labor (WHICH WAS EASY!!!)-- and born at home (which we wanted)! I've been looking for the tape ever since, so I could bless other moms-to-be... now I'll get to get the book! Praise God! (What a great shower gift, too!) Thank you, Jackie!

Review by: M., Stone Mountain, GA - November 26, 2006
Prayer Request for Agreement

I just purchased Supernatural Childbirth today while in my church bookstore. I started reading just before bed with the intention of just skimming the first couple pages. It is 4:39am and I have completed the entire book. I could not put it down! My husband and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary on July 25th and we have no children. We have been actively trying to conceive for 3 years. I praise God for placing this book in my hands prior to our conception. I now know God's promises for us. Please agree with us that God will bless us with one of His precious little ones. Maybe we can get our child's picture in the next edition of Supernatural Childbirth.

Review by: A., Durham, NC - November 26, 2006
Supernatural Childbirth

I have read the book and LOVED it!

Review by: I., Nigeria - November 26, 2006
Prayer Reqest

God bless the day I came across that book. It has totally inspired my life and that of my husband. I want you to help me pray that I will have my own children. We got married April 2003. I have that faith in God that in the next 9 months I will have my own babies. I have also recomended this book to my sister in-law. I pray that it will work for her.

Review by: K., Memphis ,Tennessee - November 26, 2006
Renewing of Faith through this powerful book!!!

I just want to start off by saying that God is an awesome God and if he did for those women long ago he will do it for me ! My husband and i have been married now for a little over a year and i wanted to start right away, but satan came in with doubt in my heart because i have not concieved yet and its been about 2 years now that i have been trying but after reading this book and reading about others testimonies i have a whole new outlook and approach, and i now understand that God is a faithful only if you are and I must have faith in him!! Glory to God I am now expecting and anticipating my deliverance of my healthy baby soon:by the end of this year to be exact! the word says to call things which be not as though they were and now I have total faith in My God,Hallelujah to his mighty name!!!

Review by: F., Lagos Nigeria - November 26, 2006
Wonderful Book For Every Women

I just read this book and fell in love with it. Let every woman have it as a faith building weapon. This book made me realize I don't have faith before and that I need to have faith, trust in God to conceive.

Review by: U., LAGOS, NIGERIA - November 26, 2006

i've read the book, it was very interesting. i have been married for two years and ten months now but no pregnancy yet. my husband has problem of LOW SPERM AND MOTILITY. we've taken many medication but no result yet. i thank God i'm (wife)okay.i would like Jackie and Terry to help us pray to God so that we will have our children too. we strongly believe God will bless us with twins (A BOY AND A GIRL).

Review by: M., Germany - November 26, 2006
This book changed my way of thinking

I am asking for a prayer request.I`ve been married for almost four years without children and was almost giving up before I read your book.It completely changed my views about the whole situation.I am strongly standing upon the Word of God for my miracle, but I do need support in prayers.I beleive that in nine months time, I`ll be carrying my twin boys in my arms in Jesus`name. Amen!!!

Review by: A., Florida - November 26, 2006
I'm encouraged

This book has encouraged me when I thought I couldn't be encouraged. My husband and I have been married for 3 years. It has been ten months of discouragement and depression. I got to the point that all I knew to do was cry. I told the Lord how angry and hurt I was. I told him I couldn't go on like this anymore. I was tired of being depressed. Well, thank the Lord he hears us. I got a word from the holy spirit on Sunday, telling me that I needed to replace depression with faith. I took that word. It is mine. And I am standing on it. I read the Foreward and Preface of this wonderful book and my viewpoint on me getting pregnant changed drastically. I have learned just in the past 3 days how the devil has manipulated my mind, making me think I cannot conceive and if I do, it will take 6 months to a year. I am believing that within 3 months I will be pregnant and I will have the baby without any pain. This is where I am putting my faith.

Review by: N., Richmond, VA - November 26, 2006
This Book Is A Blessing

At the age of 18, I was told I would never be able to conceive a child. Nine years later, my husband and I conceived with no planning, but had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks. It was during this time someone blessed me with this book. When we conceived again without planning I read this book over and over throughout my pregnancy. At 34 weeks, I went into pre-term labor. I never felt any painful contractions! I had gone to my doctor because I was having exhaustion spells and was placed on a monitor which showed my spells were contractions. My husband and I stood on our tither's rights, and agreed our son would not be born pre-term. I was admitted to the hospital where they stopped my the labor, but I continued to dilate for the next 4 weeks without pain. At my 38-week appointment, I had dilated 6.5 cm. WITH NO PAIN. My doctor was frustrated because she didn't understand why I was still pregnant. She wanted to break my water so that I wouldn't dilate completely at home and not have enough time to get to the hospital. I decided to let her do it. That decision cost me what could have been a completely supernatural childbirth, because once she broke my water I still continued to have pain-free labor, but I did not dilate quick enough. So I was given Pitocin which interrupted the supernatural course I had traveled. However, I still received my miracle when I delivered my healthy baby boy that I was told I could not conceive, PRAISE GOD! I am encouraged to know that this book which continuously fed my spirit before and during my successful pregnancy completely convinced my faith I could have what God said I could have. My next testimony of my next baby will be evidence of it.

Review by: W., NJ - November 26, 2006
I feel encouraged!!

I'm so grateful one of my friends told me about this book.It's been a blessing to me.It's has encouraged me and steered me on to a new level of faith,that I know there is hope for me.I've been married for almost 2 years and we've been trying in the last 10 months to conceive without any success.I have a history of fibroids and my doc wants to perform a surgery but I'm trusting Jehovah Rapha,my healer to heal me.I would appreciate it if the prayer team can help me with prayers to be healed from any obstruction to my conception.I know i will be testifying again in 9 months about my baby boy!!!Amen.

Review by: A., UK - November 26, 2006
Faith that moves a mountain

This book was lent to me by a friend just after we started planning for our children. I have read it several times and it has been invaluable in building my faith. I got pregnant and lost it at 10weeks, the drs say i have multiple fibroids, but that is their report not my Lord's. I have continued reading the book and now know most of the verses that relate to women having children in the bible by heart. Its now a year after the miscarriage and 2 surgeries to remove the fibroids. I believe I have now taken in after such a powerful word from God at my church 2weeks ago this has propelled my faith even further. I believe in my heart that I am pregnant, (period over due by 3dys, though the test result shows negative!!!!!!) I am convinced im my heart that the Lord has done the miraculous and only He can do it. I call the things that are not as though they were. Praise be to our Almighty God

Review by: K., Kathleen, GA - November 26, 2006
What a Blessing!

This wonderful book was given to me by a co-worker also trying to have children, Thank You! After I started reading, I did not want to put it down and now am reading it a second time with my Husband. We are so excited over this new revelation and are waiting on God to deliver our blessing(s) in his time! After three miscarriages in only four years we now have new found faith that we were lacking before! Thank you, Jackie, for sharing with us!

Review by: M., Houston, TX - November 26, 2006
This book is Annointed!

A friend loaned me this book when I was about half way through my first pregnancy. It totally increased my faith,and I began praying the prayers OUT LOUD daily. I had a quick, easy painfree delivery, praise God! I bought a copy for myself and started reading it again prior to conceiving my second daughter (she is just what I prayed for). This book was invaluable to be during both pregnancies and childbirths! I have refered it to many friends who were experiencing infertility or had experienced a miscarriage. EVERY single one of them has gone on to have a healthy baby!

Review by: S., Nigeria - November 26, 2006
Peace of Mind

Dear Jackie, My wife was six month two weeks when we got your book on supernatural child birth. since then we believe every word in the book and we are sure we will experience the same. She is seven month now and we've being confessing dailysupernatural child birth is our portion Thanks for the book. Charity and Success.

Review by: J., New Zealand - November 26, 2006
Faith for the hard times

My husband and I were told we could not have children not long after we were married over six years ago. After working through that with our church family, friends and family we were happily living child- free. I happended upon your book and bought it, shelving it for when we felt ready to start the journey of having a family and undergo medical treatment - a few years away yet!. I flicked through the book and decided that I could pray (just as many other women had)for our bodies to function normally and conceive. Three months later we where amazed to find we were pregnant- suprnaturally. What a miracle. We lost our miracle at 10 weeks a few short months ago, but I believe that this book, the discipline of getting into the word and prayer for our seed was an amazing way of growing our faith and understanding of God and His love for us. The promises have helped us to mourn this loss and will help us to prepare for the rest of our family which we are believing for and praying into already. We have committed to reading the book and listening to the tapes in the 3 month wait and it has been a huge help to build our marriage spiritually over this time.

Review by: A., Miami, FL - November 26, 2006
This book is a blessing to our lives

One of our close friends gifted us with this book while I was in my second month. It was really inspiring and very informational. I really loved it. I am in my 4th month now. My husband and myself are praying and believing for a supernatural childbirth trusting in the Lord.Thank you for sharing your testimony with us so that we can also recieve God's blessings which are promised in the Bible. Please keep us in your prayers.

Review by: L., Stone Mountain, GA - November 26, 2006
It Works!!

I've now a been a mother for exactly a month now and I'd like to thank you, Jackie for being bold enough to share your faith-filled testimony. Having read the book we (my husband and I) decided that this is how we would have our children. We faithfully did all the confessions before and during the pregnancy and the results were there for all to see. Our daughter was born after an hour and a half of labour. Although it wasn't pain free, we arrived at the hospital at 4.05am and delivered at 4.28am!! Talk about a quick/speedy delivery - God is so good. Thank you Jackie for being bold enough to share your story.

Review by: E., Gresham, OR - November 26, 2006

I'm a south american( so as you can see I'm learning english language!)just married with an american. Well,I got pregnant, we went to the doctor and his report was that he founded multiple fibromas and a fibro about 5 cm. and that I had to have either a surgery or a histerectomy to rid so that I may get pragnant but if not I would not be able to have a baby...we felt so sad about it,specially my husband because I have 2 preciows girl of my own, but I miscarried the baby after 6 wks of pregnancy...the answer to me for this could happened (besides de doctor's report) was that we did the same King David did, we sin..because I had sexual intimacy with my husband before we marry. We repent, and I decided to look for all the promises in the Bible concern about my situation and I kept confessing and I was expecting for the next month period to take the birth control pills (bacause I had doubt what it would be better to my body) but I got pregnant again, we felt certain fear with my husband but I decided to keep on the Lord word...I've always been beleiving the Lord does creative miracles because he is the Creator...the last week I started spotting but I liftthe name of the Lord Jesus up, I POKE TO THE DEVIL TO LET HIM KNOW THE LORD IS THE AUTHOR OF LIFE AND NO ONE CAN STEAL MY BABY, I prayed all night long...the bledding STOPPED! PRAISE GOD!.. Well, I was told by a friend of mine to buy your book and yesterday after church sevice I went to the library and I got it (even though my friend did not give the correct Title, I KNOW THAT I HAD FOUND THE CORRECT ONE!)...I prayed the Lord speak to me so deep through these pages and once I started reading I COULD NOT STOP READING IT, IT HAS SUCH ANNOINTING! the Lord just filled me up with such a supernatural faith and HE CONFIRMED THE WORD HE HAS GIVEN ME BEFORE, it is just amazing! ..and I know that I know that I will have my baby in full term period, because it is ACCORDING TO MY FAITH AND I DECIDE TO JUST BELEIVE AND TO SEE THE GLORY OF GOD SO THAT I CAN TESTIFY TO HIS GLORY! thank your for your prayers!

Review by: A., Bridgepor,CT - November 26, 2006

I just lost my ten month premature baby,my prayers and desire is to have another baby. Healthy pregnancy,full term and a healthy baby.I have come across your book,i life and breath this amazing book.Keep me in your prayers,God richly bless you and your family.Thank you.

Review by: W., Nigeria - November 26, 2006
God is Faithful all the time

Got know about this book from a colleague, in Fact the title fascinated me that i collected the book from her and gave her money to buy another.I have been wating on the lord for just a few month before i read the book.And i had told God that wether or not i see my menstrual flow in August, i believe i am pregnant and was confessing though i had some doubt because i have never felt that way before.But God being good cause me to come across Supernatural Child birth same month i was believing God for a miracle.Infact i realize i was already some weeks pregnant before seeing the book but God used the book to make me stay pregnant because the doctor told me i had a threaning abortion(about to miscarry).But i was praying and confessing Gods promises from the book and i believe that not only will i not miscarry but will have Painless delivery.Praise God for God is GOOG ALL THE TIME.

Review by: A., Los Angeles CA - November 26, 2006

Praise the Lord. I have been trusting GOD ALMIGHTY for another miracle for over 6 years now. I went through treatment last year and concieved with a boy then went into premature delivery at 5 months had the baby who lived for 5 months after the doctors gave him only hours to live. But even with the treatment l never believed that my God wanted me to go through all that to recieve my blessing of the womb from medications.But l did not know enough of how to seek the Lord for my portion of His blessings for me until my cousin gave my this book. I can now feel the Lord speaking and blessing me already. I am blieveing My Father in Heaven for twin healthy BOYS Allellujah. I wiil come back with a testimony in a years time. Please Terry and Jackie pray that my husband and l will testify of God's Goodness with others.

Review by: K., Detroit, MI - November 26, 2006
God sent me to this book!

I first want to acknowledge God as being the head of my life, and thank him for sending his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Although I have not read the book yet I'm getting ready to order it. I want to thank all you ladies for your encouraging testimonies. I know in my heart that God is going to give my husband and I a son. I have seen him in dreams and visions as well as a baby girl. I was told when I was 18 that I would never conceive on my own. I would have to get an egg donor to have a child. At that time I didn't know about trusting God for anything, and I became very depressed. I am now 27 and was married in July of 2004 and I have never been pregnant. I am no longer discouraged because I have learned to trust in God. I now know that whatever I ask in Jesus name it is mine. I pay my tithes regularly and now with book coming into my life there is no stopping us. PLEASE keep me in your prayers, so that I too will post my success testimony. Congratulations to all of the moms, I'm ready to join the ranks.

Review by: F., Mckinney, TX - November 26, 2006
Awesome Book

I thank God for Jackie for sharing with us in this book. This book opened my eyes to the promises of God regarding having children, I am currently 6wks pregnant and I confess God's promises daily. Because of other testimonies shared in this book, I am so convicted of the fact that God is no respector of persons. I begun spotting just a day last week, but like I learnt in the book(and back by scripture), it is not the will for anyone to miscarry. I stood on those promises and refuse to cast my fruit before its time. Praise God, the spotting stopped within a few hours. There is tremendous power in confessing and agreeing with the word of God. And this book gave me that revelation. I recommend getting the tape as well. God richly bless Jackie.

Review by: C., San Diego, CA - November 26, 2006
My fears were completey erased!

Right after I told my pastor's wife that I was just 5 weeks pregnant, I went home and discovered slight bleeding. It increased over the next week. I know God's word and stood on weapon formed against me can prosper. But I really didn't know which scriptures dealt with actual pregnancy. A little frightened, yet more faithful, I asked people at church to pray and believe with me. Finally, a girlfriend there walked up to me with Jackie's book, Supernatural Childbirth. Here, she said, read this and your fears will be completely erased. I went home and read Jackie's book in an hour. Totally inspired by Jackie's list of scriptures, I got out of bed and began confessing her recommended list of verses about God's promises regardng full-term pregnancies. I stood and still stand on every one of those scriptures. I have no fear, only complete faith in my God who cannot lie! This book is a Godsend! Jackie's revelations from God saved my baby's life; I know it!

Review by: M., Minnesota by way of Texas - November 26, 2006
Amen for stepping out Jackie!!

I received this book from my mom a few months into my first pregnancy. I read it over and over, night after night. In a way, I did have a pain free delivery. I had a c-section (devil had been trying to take my baby from me before I even conceived her..) and never experienced pain...sore, but never pain. Also, the scriptures in the book concerning the baby (eyes, ears, calmness, etc.) were incrediable. I have a beautiful, healthy, vibrant, CALM, sweet spirited 2 year old. Isn't that wonderful to say? Calm 2 year old. I have not experienced the terrible twos and I won't in the name of Jesus. I am believing, with the help of her book, on conceiving my beautiful boy or boys in the name of Jesus!! Plus, I am praying and believing that I will have a pain free vaginal delivery with the next babies. Also, I let a friend borrow this book. It took her 3 years of fertility drugs to conceive her first baby boy. After reading this book and knowing without a doubt that she would conceive with God in control, she conceived her blessed little girl within 2 months. Her family is complete thanks to Jackie laying it out in plain english.

Review by: C., Longview, WA - November 26, 2006
Total Faith Builder

This book totally grew my faith in the promises of Christ and His will for our lives and the childbirth process. I highly recommend it. I haven't had a baby yet but I interceeded for my cousin throughout her pregnancy with her first, long awaited son. She got pregnant after 9 years of trying to concieve. The family was kind of 'worried' about her giving birth because she tends to be pretty dramatic. But she was a testimony to the promises of God. She had a 7lb baby with no epidural and minimal pain killer. She did not scream or go crazy with the pain. She was totally calm. The room was really peaceful and the things we prayed for, God granted. By the grace of God she was able to stay on top of the pain. It was so cool!

Review by: C., The Caribbean - November 26, 2006
Prayer Request

I just received your book from a christian friend and read it last night. I do believe what Jackie said about confessing positive words to bring about a conception. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years now. We had a miscarriage one year ago. We have done the medical establishment's tests and they have not been able to find anything wrong with either of us. In fact in some cases we should be more 'fertile' than most according to the tests, but still no baby. I am becoming increasingly discouraged especially as we are both in our mid 30s. Please pray for me that I will have strength, that I will defeat the devil with positive confessions. I have prayed that we will have our baby this year (2005). I have also prayed for a girl. Please pray in agreement with me. Thanks!

Review by: D., stuart, florida - November 26, 2006
prayer request

My husband and I have been trying for one and half years--we have had three short miscarriages--only pregnant for 4-6 weeks--I finally picked up this book and read it every day---I ask for prayers to keep me strong and to keep the devil's doubts and fears away from me--this book has made a HUGE difference in how I feel and I pray and confess everyday that I will get pregnant with twins!!!! THanks for your prayers

Review by: A., Lagos, Nigeria - November 26, 2006
This book taught me Who Said?

I first heard about this book when i was 19 unmarried & not ready for a baby. I glanced through it and liked what i read so much i looked for it till i bought my own copy when i was 22. I am 26 now married and 22weeks pregnant & so confident that i am going to carry my baby to full term and have a short, painless and supernatural childbirth in Jesus name. My doctor told me today i may be experiencing early labour signs, first thing i said to myself was Who said? I had been told earlier that i'd have difficulty conceiving due to a fabriod found and then i said Who said? Thanks to this book i now know scriptures to build my faith on. Please join your faith with mine and in about 18 weeks i'll be giving a testimony about my delivery and telling you the sex of my baby. Thank you Jackie. Thank you for letting God's Word live through you. God bless you!

Review by: O., Lagos, Nigeria - November 26, 2006
Divine Upliftment

I saw this amazing book with my cousin some few years back, but i didn't go out of my way to glance through it. However, i got married in Sept 04 and have been waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb since then. I then remembered the book on Supernatural Childbirth and decided to buy it right away. It took me 2 days to read the book and to be sincere, it was an eye opener. I realised that the devil has been trying to steal our blessings through all forms of lies. But i have since then been standing on the promises outlined in the book and the holy bible. I have the conviction through God that before the end of this year, i will give birth and carry my healthy bouncing baby. The book is so interesting that i'm making plans to but the audio cassette and be listening to ti everyday and then share it (book & cassette) with other women i know. I humbly request that Pastor Terry and Jackie Mize agree with me and my husband, that our heart desires come to pass this year. I hope to share my testimony in some nine months time. I wish everybody who is waiting on the Lord to stand firm on their faith and God's promises.

Review by: H., Nigeria - November 26, 2006
This book as an assurance

I had a baby four years ago through C-section due to preeclampsia and have not seen this book till two years ago, although i borrowed it from a friend who wanted her book badly. I returned it and all through the past four years no pregancy and from one medication to the other without hope. but the little i read in this book inspired me and last August immediately i noticed that i have conceived, i made all efforts to get the book,it was scare and i started asking from firend to other if you have this book, some said yes but i misplaced it, others said yes but i don't part with it. Then i made frantic efforts to have my own and i successed.i started reading it from page to pageand it has built my faith so high that i am prepared for supernatural child birth. Eventhough some relations etc have advised that at my age 40 plus, i should opt for C-ection again, i remember that i was n't as old as sarah at 90 who had a supernatural virgnal birth. i too can make it and in a few weeks time, my baby will be in my palms throught supernatural childbirth, because this book have encouraged, inspired and strenghtened to know that with God nothing shall be impossible. therefore, beloveth i covert your prayers to support me in the few weeks to my delivery. I also met a woman in the clinic who had waited for 9 years without a child who come incontact with this book last year and last month she had BBB to the glory of God. God bless you richly for this faith building book.

Review by: A., Nigeria - November 26, 2006
I'm fully encouraged, fear is gone forever!

I got married last year 4th September, 2004. Immediately after our wedding, i got pregnant but l lost it at four months. I was told i had a blighted ovum, (thank God, it was the doctor who said, not God) I was evacuated. Ever since then, i've been believing God for the fruit of the womb. I got in contact with the supernatural childbirth just yesterday with a friend who just got wedded. I glanced through, but i could leave it until i absorbed every content of it. The book is indeed an eye opener. It has really build my faith, it has help me to Know that God has the final say in my life not the doctors. His promises are ever true. I have prayed the prayer before pregnancy: Desire to conceive, fulfilment over barrenness on page 106. Please i am believing God for a set of twins this year 2005. I want you to join your faith with mine to pay that God bless me and my husband with bouncing set of twins, boy and girl. I am set to carry this pregnancy to full term according to God's word. With him i can do all things. With the eyes of faith i can see myself pregnant this year. Halellujah!

Review by: N., Calabar- Nigeria - November 26, 2006
This book has increased my faith

unshakened faith, jackie,thanks alot for what God has used you to accomplish in my life, i had my first baby two years ago and have suffered one miscarriage or another, anxiety and fear of taking inn again,But to the glory of God am pregnant again, i just stumbled into your book in my office and for the 4hrs on this book i believe this book is every woman's companion. i have been thinking if i will undergo another c-section again? but after reading this book i strongly have faith that i will have a supernatural child birth, free of pains. my husband and i have been believing God for twins and i know he will grant our heart desires. in Jesus name, Amen

Review by: O., Atlanta, GA - November 26, 2006
I Have My Blessing!

My husband and I tried to conceive for 7 years before the birth of our daughter. We had 1 miscarrage and I wondered if I would ever be a mother. A very dear friend gave this book to me and my life has never been the same. Even though my daughter's delivery was not supernatural, I still experienced God's promise. I was concidered high-risk because of my age and previous medical problems, but I had a great pregnancy with no morning sickness, mood swings or any of the other negative symptoms. I even worked everyday until a week before she was born. When I went into labor, I didn't know. When my doctor told me the discomfort I was feeling was labor I thought he was confused. I delivered my daughter 14 hours later and she looked like the desciption I prayed for just as the book instructed. Even down to the cleft in her chin, which is genetically impossible since neither her father or I have one! Thank you for your direction to having my blessing from God.

Review by: T., Detroit, Michigan - November 26, 2006
Supernatural Childbirth

I am 39 years old and I have just suffered my third miscarriage. The doctors don't understand why I miscarry they have ran test and have found nothing wrong. I have just started reading the book supernatural childbirth and already it has given my the confidence that I need to begin to start trying to have a family again. I believe God's word is true and that I will have a healthy happy baby (twins) I will stay in touch.

Review by: E., Singapore - November 26, 2006
Prayer Request

I'd read your book and feel very encourage. I've been married Nov 2003. I've trying to conceive since the beginning. My husband had mumps 14 years ago and the doctor told us that no change for us to have baby and the only option is adoption. I am not disharden by the doctor's remark because I believe God who has redeemed us will also heal and bless us. If possible we would like you to uphold us in your prayer. Thank you.

Review by: S., Monroe, WA - November 26, 2006

Meegan?s Birth Story by (Mommy) A Supernatural Pregnancy, Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Having a Supernatural Childbirth is about believing God for a healthy mommy and baby. In order to explain how my pregnancy and childbirth with Meegan was Supernatural, I would like to take a moment to share with you my past experiences. Marc and I had found out we were pregnant in June of 2002 only to miscarry at about six weeks. It was a difficult time but God?s peace carried us through. In July, during my time with God, I asked Him if children were in His plan for us. Children were God?s idea and they are a blessing from Him. God spoke to me and told me we would have children, and that our first child would be born in August. I had prayed and asked God for a son and then a daughter. It was the desire of our hearts to have a son and daughter, before we even met. In December I found out I was pregnant and due August 17th. I had confidence in God?s promise and was never afraid of miscarrying. I was afraid, however, of many other things. Having a baby is full of unknowns and fears, and much of what I feared I ended up having. Because I had miscarried before, my doctor put me on progesterone supplements just in case that was why we miscarried the first time. I was very sick and had to take medication to keep the nausea and morning sickness under control. I had gained a lot of extra weight and swelled up really bad. I had terrible back pain with the Braxton Hicks contractions and could hardly walk. I was induced, which was a huge fear. Labor was long and hard. I got stuck at an 8 for two hours before getting an epidural, which I really had not wanted. I pushed for 2-1/2 hours and Joel kept getting stuck. The doctor had to use a vacuum on him seven times which caused a large hematoma on Joel?s head, as well as jaundice. If the episiotomy hadn't worked I would have ended up with a c-section as Joel wasn't handling the labor well any more. When I went in for my postpartum visit the nurse said oh honey, I haven't seen anyone this bad in a long time. You're on bed rest for at least two weeks, no sitting, and I'll teach you how to nurse lying down.? It was more than a month before I could walk normally and over 6 months before I could sit without tailbone pain. I also had a lot of difficulties in nursing. When I found out I was pregnant again, I was terrified of having a repeat of the experience I had with Joel. It was only by God?s amazing grace that we didn't miscarry with Meegan. There was no reason for me to think I was pregnant. It was only because God had prompted my heart to take a pregnancy test and call my doctor about being tested for the progesterone that I was able to get on medication in time. My progesterone levels were less than half of what they should have been. I was more than seven weeks when we found out. Once again I was terribly sick and nauseous, home bound and exhausted. Then, at the first MOPS meeting in January, our coordinator shared with us how she had a prayer support during her third pregnancy, how God had answered all her prayers, and how much better this pregnancy and delivery had been from her first two. That was it! God wanted me to have a prayer support. I immediately went home and put together a list of friends and emailed them and asked them to partner with me in prayer for this pregnancy, and that's when God began to do His miraculous work in me. One of the gals in my prayer support, after reading about my previous experience and all my fears and requests, loaned me a book called ?Supernatural Childbirth? by Jackie Mize. I had been a Christian for 18 years, but it was the first time I truly understood ALL that Christ did for me in his death and resurrection. I cried as I discovered the blessings and joy that God desired for me. I discovered that the curse brought on Eve in the garden wasn't about having a painful, terrible childbirth, but that in ?sorrow? would women bring forth children into this imperfect world. It is by the same ?sorrow? that men would eat of the ground all the days of their lives. But praise be to God that Christ ?bore our grief and carried our sorrow? (Isaiah 53:4) and ?redeemed us from the curse of the law? (Galatians 3:13). I learned that fear is Satan?s tool and that faith is God?s. The Bible says that ?fear has torment, but perfect love casts out all fear,? (I John 4:18) and that ?God is Love? (I John 4:16). I discovered that the Bible is filled with God?s blessings and promises to us; all we have to do is believe God. It?s no big faith feat. It is simply believing God will do what he says. During this same time, our pastor was doing a sermon series on faith and living in the Spirit of God. I decided to start going to the MOPS Bible study, and the first day I went, the leader decided to begin a 9 CD series on being free in Christ: from the law, from fear, from sin. God used all these things, along with my personal time with Him in His Word, to confirm all the truths I was discovering and learning. So, Marc and I, wanting God?s best in our lives, decided to make our words agree with God?s Word in everything. We had to completely renew our minds from everything the world had said (Romans 12:2). We brought our requests before the Lord (?and this is the confidence we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us, and if we know that He hears us, we know we have the petitions of which we ask of Him? (I John 5:14-15)) and he answered every single one of them! ?By his stripes we are healed? (Isaiah 53:5 & I Peter 2:24). I was able to stop taking medication for nausea and had no more morning sickness (Exodus 23:25). I was able to eat salad and other foods which I was never able to do with Joel or the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy. I had previously started having tailbone pain, but never had it again. I didn?t gain too much weight. My blood pressure stayed low. I didn?t swell (Nehemiah 9:21) (I was able to wear my wedding ring the whole time). At 20 weeks we went in for our routine ultrasound and found that Meegan had a small cyst on her brain. The ultrasound technician assured us these cysts most always go away, but we had to come back in 8 weeks for another ultrasound to be sure. We took it before the Lord and God gave me the scripture, ?Don?t be afraid, just believe, and she will be healed? (Luke 8:50). At 28 weeks we went in for the follow up ultrasound and the cyst was gone! But then the doctors told us that there was concern she was too small and not growing well. We were sent for a more advanced ultrasound. Once again, God?s Word rang out, ?Don?t be afraid, just believe, and she will be healed.? We prayed that our doctor would have the wisdom of God. I was put on a high protein diet and additional folic acid supplements. At the next ultrasound, four weeks later, she had caught up in weight and was doing beautifully. At 38 weeks, I was told I tested positive for Group B Strep and would have to have antibiotics during labor to protect Meegan. Marc and I did some research and spent much time in prayer. We believed that having the antibiotics during labor was not in the best interest of mommy or baby. Once again God?s Word rang out, ?Don?t be afraid, just believe.? During the last 21 weeks of pregnancy, Marc and I prayed and asked God that: I would go into labor on my own; she would not be born early (Malachi 3: 10, 11); we would not need any medical intervention; I would not need an episiotomy; my joints and hips would spread to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal easily and quickly; I would be lively (Exodus 1:19) and labor and delivery would be quick, short, easy, and painless (pain is under the curse of the law); my uterus would contract without pain; I would dilate fully to 10 cm without complications; I would not go into labor at night because it would not disrupt Joel?s sleep schedule at all and we wanted Joel to be able to be at her birth; I would not have to labor at the hospital any longer than necessary; I would deliver quickly so that the hospital staff would not have time to take me to observation or even think about administering antibiotics; Meegan would be healthy and show no signs of jaundice, Group B Strep, or other complications for God?s special hand of protection was covering her; my water wouldn't break until God determined it was absolutely necessary; Meegan would be able to nurse without complications (Genesis 49:25); my recovery time would be short; Joel would adjust well to his new sister and her crying would not interrupt his sleep; Meegan would be a good sleeper and let mommy and daddy get some rest; and we would be able to go to church together as a family after her birth. During my last 21 weeks, it was such a joy to hear people tell me how great I looked and to be able to tell people how great I was doing and how great I felt. Even my doctor and nurses commented on how great a pregnancy I was having and how great I looked. People would ask me at the end if I was ready. Yes, but not like they were thinking. I was eager and ready to meet my Meegan and I knew God?s timing of her arrival would be perfect. I really did feel great! And it was hard for people to understand. Wednesday, May 25th, I was having a hard day as my parents would be leaving Thursday for California for a wedding. Later that morning I was talking to Marc on the phone and crying and my 21 month old son got down off the bed, stood in front of me, looked up at me and said, God is so God - God answers prayer. This beautiful child faith just touched my heart. Thank you God and Joel. Thursday, May 26th, I went in for my 41 week appointment and was still only 2 cm (same as the previous 4 weeks). The doctor decided to strip my membranes, which if we had understood what that was, we would have declined. Friday, May 27th, I was having some cramps and didn?t understand it. My friend came over and prayed with us. Meegan?s hand was by her head and my body was in possible shock from the stripping of the membranes. God told her and another friend that the baby ?could be? born today, but I had some fears that I wasn?t fully aware of and things I still needed to let go of. As Marc and I spent some time praying together and rebuking fear in the name of Jesus, I began to grow in confidence and was unwilling to let Satan take this joy from me. We played worship music, Joel reminded me once again that God is so Good, and I was having contractions again without pain. As the three of us discussed that night what I was feeling, God revealed more about myself and the fears I needed to let go of. My body continued to labor throughout the night as we slept and I asked God to let active labor wait until the next day so we could all get our rest. Saturday, May 28th. My body had labored throughout the night and by morning I was having lots of contractions, not really regular, but they were strong and lasting 45-60 seconds in length and about 2-4 minutes apart. They never hurt but just felt like a lot of pressure and I would have to just stand still and wait through them. Then, they stopped. We put Joel down for nap and then Marc and spent some time praying. Marc and I both felt God was asking us to not think about ?when? this would all happen, but just to let go, wait, and let Him do the work. So, that?s what we did. And that?s when it happened. We both took a nap and then woke up and popped a movie in. Joel was taking a greatly extended nap. We knew there must be a reason. Just shortly after Joel woke up I started having contractions again. Then, I had a small cramp while watching the movie. But, Instead of rebuking fear, all the fears of my experience with Joel came rushing back. I had remembered watching a moving when I was induced with Joel when the cramps and labor started. After about 5 of those cramps I was begging Marc to take me to the hospital. He was supporting and encouraging me, not wanting me to give up and fearing we would get there and be told not much progress had been made (I feared that too). I had Marc call our friend and ask her to be praying. After a few more contractions I begged Marc again to take me. I was terrified of the pain I had with Joel, even though the pain I was having now wasn?t near what I had experienced with Joel. Marc consented to take me to the hospital, and we got ready to go. As I went down stairs I knew this was not how I wanted it to be. God spoke to my heart, asking me to just trust him and not give up believing what we had been standing in faith for these last 21 weeks. This was not how I wanted to go to the hospital. When Marc came downstairs I told him, ?I will be delivered as soon as we get to the hospital.? A few minutes before, I had called my friend, telling her I was just too worn out and just couldn?t do this anymore. She told me she would not be able to go to the hospital with us but didn?t want me to labor in that way and would come show Marc some things he could do to help me (she is also a doula). Well, she arrived at the house and immediately got a cup of cold water and some rags and jumped in the car with us. We hit every red light, but I knew I would not deliver in the car because we had been believing God would give us enough time to get to the hospital and have proper help. Marc called the hospital and told them we were on the way. We kept praying and my friend kept talking to me and helping me to breath through each urge to push. When we arrived at the hospital there was no one to greet us. The doctor on call was heading to the vending machine to get a bite when she saw us. They got me a wheelchair and rushed me to my room. There were about 5 nurses in there rushing around to get things ready. When they went to examine me, Meegan was already crowning. I pushed three times, and our little bundle of God?s joy was in my arms, crying, beautiful, and healthy. I did have a very small tear, but that?s only because at the last moment I became afraid of tearing as I was so uncertain of what was happening and what I was feeling. She was the perfect weight, 7 lbs 14 oz. We had been praying she would be between 7-1/2 and 8 lbs. Joel did beautifully as he sat on the bed by the window. He was the talk of the nurses. Yes, I did have pain at the end when I allowed fear to come in; even still, I had just experienced the birth of our daughter in the most godly and supernatural way! To God be the glory! All the nurses and doctors told me I would have really bad pain as my uterus contracted back down to its original size. I did take some medication at first, but quickly realized that most all of my labor was without pain and this was no different. I stood in faith again on God's Word, and I didn?t need any more medication for pain, and when asked if I wanted anything for the pain, I was gladly able to tell them I didn?t need any. God also provided an ?angel? who came to my room on Sunday night to help Meegan and me with nursing. She spoke with the wisdom of God, reminding me that my experiences with Joel were in the past and that ?this was a new day.? Meegan latched on right away. The next Sunday, as Marc and I sat together in church for the first time in over 4 years, I realized ALL that God had done for us in the last 22 weeks. He had taught us so much. He had answered every prayer. He had blessed us beyond measure. He had given me His fullness of Joy. What a joy and privilege it was to worship God that morning with my family. And to share that joy with my church family as well. God is so Good! You see, there is the world?s way of doing things, and then there is God?s way. And when we choose to do things God?s way, the results are AMAZING! God is no respecter of persons. He desires for you to know His fullest joy and to live your life to the fullest of all He so desires to bless you with.

Review by: M., TORONTO, CANADA - November 26, 2006

i have been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years without success. i have been through years of physical woes and difficulties apart from inability to conceive. I have been trusting in God but month after month, the disappointment gets worse. Now, i have read all these ladies' testimonies and i am encouraged that so many people are trusting God for the same miracle I desire. A sister in the Lord gave me this book just last night and already I am able to pray and stand on God's word with a different sense of trust and faith. i have seen a vision of a baby boy 3 or more years ago but gave up. 2 weeks ago God gave me this vision again but this time it was so plain i saw his cute little face. NOw , i know that no matter what satan tries, i am the one who must stand upon God's word and wait for the vision, though it tarries it will come to pass. this book is an extra blessing and I know soon i will share my good news with you. Be blessed and expect your miracle!

Review by: A., Calabar, Nigeria - November 26, 2006
Supernatural Childbirth

Praise God, He has done it! I had earlier submitted a prayer request for the blessing of the womb, after reading the supernatural childbirth. A month after i read the book, i conceived after i encountered a miscarriage in my previous pregnancy. I confessed with you what the bible says about having children supernaturally. I went for a test and was comfirmed pregnant. After 2 months, the devil tried to show up again with some signs of miscarriage. I started spotting blood. Last weekend, my doctor adviced me to go for scan. I am standing on the word of God and his covenant, he said i will not cast my young before its time and the number of my days he'll fulfil. Please i want you to pray that the scan will not show any negative report, cos i don't want to cast my young. I refuse the disappointment of the past. Pray that he'll fulfil the number of this pregnancy - 40 weeks unharmed. I shall send my testimony as soon as possible. I believe he is a covernant keeping God! As he did it for the ladies in the bible (Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah)etc, he'll do it for me! Amen

Review by: M., Lagos, Nigeria - November 26, 2006
An Awakening

i just turned 30 and will be married for five months in two weeks. I have had two miscarriages within this period. My gyno after some tests told me my progesterone level is too low to sustain pregnancy to full term. I told my friend about it and she asked me to buy this wonderful book that tells us all about God's promises for us as His childern. It has shown me how the devil wanted to decieve me. God's word's are true if we can only confess, believe and act on it. I now longer rely on science but on the Word because I know without God all my efforts are fruitless. I will continue to make my confessions and I know He is going to bless my union with our son; SETH before my next birthday. Praise Jesus.

Review by: M., Reynolds Station, KY - November 26, 2006
New Found Faith!!!

My husband and I married May 15, 2004 (also my birthday) we have been trying to conceive since then. We have been to fertility doctors, on every imaginable medicine and had surgerys. Everything is normal. I wrote to pastor Jesse Duplantis requesting a prayer request and he wrote back to me to get this book. I immediately ordered it and read it the day it came in the mail I could not put it down. God has placed my husband and I in this wonderful faith filled church and our church family and ourselves are believing God for this wonderful miracle to take place in our lives. We KNOW that it WILL. I pray the prayer in the back of the book, the one on before pregnancy, every morning and speak it throughout the day at work and every night and we know that our God is ready to bless us and He has made us ready to receive the blessing. Thank you for making such a great book to encourage us and a book that is based on wonderful scriptures. We anticpate the day that we are holding our faith in our hands.

Review by: R., UK - November 26, 2006
excited to share in faith!

My Husband and I had been married one year when we had a clear word from God that it was time to have a child. We belived God and conceved straight away, My Husband knew from the lord that I was pregnat from week one, so we began blessing and praying for our baby straight away. When I did the test and it was positive I felt a little anxious because I have not know anyone as young as myself becoming a Mum and so I went straight to God and asked Him to give me a verse which i could use to find strength and courage to trust totally in Him. He told me to turn to pslam 127 I did not know what it would say. Children are the heritage of the lord...As arrows are in the hand of the Mighty so are childern of the youth When I read this scripture I knew that this Child is from God. We knew that God had redeemed us from the curse and belived that I would not suffer from the unplesant complications. I had no morning sickness at all. We told peole from week 8 and prayed against miscarrage and confessed that i would carry this baby untill full term. We then started to pray about the birth and we felt lead to belive God for a pain free birth, I had concerns, how will I know when i'm in labour if I don't have any pain. I asked the Holyspirit about this and He explained to me that giving birth is like climbing a mountain it is a Labour. you know your musclues and body are working hard but there is peace. He talked to me about contactions and explained that it is just like how muscles tense up during a sport or weight lifting, they tense and even shake but don't hurt and the more relaxed and calm you are during them the better it will be, He showed me that most pain is cause by fear. He told me that the urge to push is similer to the urge to use the bathroom, you just know what you body is saying. I really wanted to fully belive God for all this, if nothing else I know that Father God adores me and that enough tells me He certainly would not want me to suffer pain and fear while delivering this child. I was very excited and spoke to a few mothers at my church about pain free birth, our church had seen healings and miricals so I expected people to understand, My confidence for this was not met with quite as much zeal as I had hoped. I realised that I need to use a little wisdom when sharing this. Fortunatly I have lernt how to shake off these unwanted words from other and to contiune in Faith for what God has revealed. Then I went to visit a friend who lives away and she was also pregnat she showed me this book, SUPERNATRUAL CHILDBIRTH !!! I was so excited!!! I went and brought a copy sraight away and as you can imagain I am so utterly encouraged. We all have the same God and He is the same for you as for me! Now we are am armed with so many scriptures and verses which I know will help me stand strong on the day of my labour. As that day draws closed I feel more and more peace and as I continue in faith I can see that any doubts are dimminising more and more as the due date approches, I Give Glory to God for this as I know it is the opposite for many women. Thank so you so much.

Review by: H., Las Vegas, NV - November 26, 2006
Supernatural Childbirth

I am 3 months pregnant and I am very encouraged by this book and want to see this come true for me. I hope you can help me get the tape or the CD preferably since I want to carry this out. This book has helped my thinking and I am starting to put Satan in his place.

Review by: M., Memphis Tennessee - November 26, 2006
Prayer Request of Standing in agreement

This book has been such a blessing to me and my husband it has helped us to stand on the word of God in his plan for us to have children. In Dec 1999 I had been reading this book and standing on God's word and found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy went 2 months and ended in tubal pregnancy we did not give up. We were disappointed but we held on to God's word. I listened to the tape and read the confession daily and believed God for my miracle. This has been a new ministry for me I have blessed many women with this book and shared my testimony of how awesome God is. Even though my pregnancy ended in miscarriage I never gave up on God and his promise. Four years later in Feb 2006 I found out I was expecting again and I have continue to say my confessions and believe God. My pregnancy went 2 months again and ended up in miscarriage. I decided that I would add to my confession and pray against this cycle of 2 months of pregnancy ending up in miscarriage. But I am encouraged because I know what God promised and we are holding on to it. I am asking for you Sis. Jackie and Bro. Terry to stand in agreement with my husband and I. God said it would happen again quickly and we are standing on God's word and believing him for twins a girl and a boy. He said he would give us double for our trouble!!!

Review by: R., Ashford, Kent, UK - November 26, 2006
This Book Increased My Faith

The book increased my faith. I only had morning sickness for 9days because I claimed Jesus's healing on my situation and in less than a minute, I felt the sickness go. It never came back again. Amen. I had a healthy wonderful pregnancy.Then during the delivery, I was told that it would be a Caeserean.Believing in the power of agreement, my husband and I, prayed and believed in a forceps delivery (no Caeserean). God heard our faith and granted us our prayer. Our baby girl was born strong and healthy. We called her Ellisha, after the prophet Elisah. She will be a woman of God and blessing to others. Thank you Jackie for your book!

Review by: J., Tasmania, Australia - November 26, 2006
Faith, Faith, Faith

I am currently 6 months pregnanat with my 5th child and this has been the hardest pregnancy I have had. I have been bed-ridden for 20 weeks but I am so so grateful for this book as I believe with my whole heart mind body and spirit that this is true. I have been so encouraged and will press on in faith to experience the wonders of our Almighty God. I would like to know where I can purchase the tape as Faith comes by hearing, Rom.10:17 and I so want to press on in the things of God. If only i knew about this for all of my other pregnancies. Praise God and thank you Terry & Jackie for your wonderful testimonies, Bless you both.

Review by: G., Lagos, Nigeria - November 26, 2006
Greatly Inspired

I bless the name of the Lord Most High for you, Jackie and your book.Supernatural Childbirth has really inspired me.In Africa, where I'm from, a few months after your wedding everyone looks out for signs of pregnancy.It has been a year and two months since I got married and no signs oe pregnancy yet.But after reading your book and reading all the testimonies of people like Tiffany, Amira Russo and the others, I'm fully convinced that God is faithful. As He has done for one, so He will do for another.I know now that not only shall I concieve, but I shall surely carry and SUPERNATURALLY deliver my children. May the Lord Bless you and your family and your ministry as well. Thanks and God bless you.

Review by: F., Nigeria - November 26, 2006
God is Faithful

I have married now going to 6 years now and believing God for children. Though I have been reading your book but not yet finish it.I thank God for your life. I know and believe that I am already pregnant with identical twins(2 boys) because a powerful faith arouse in my inside. Again I have been standing on the words of God concerning my pregancy and supernatural delivery in this book. The book has already touched my life and changed me completel. I mean it has really change my thinking, orientation. By His Grace in less than 9 months I will tell you the names of my twins.Please agree with me in Prayer. Thanks. God bless You

Review by: M., Nigeria - November 26, 2006


Review by: C., London England - November 26, 2006
Supernatural Childbirth

I read the book when I was expecting our son Samuel. I prayed the prayers over myself and the baby, confessed the scriptures and I must say that God is not a respecter of persons. What He did for us, He will do for anyone who would dare believe Hiim and take Him at His word. Do you know what He did for us? He gave me a wonderful time of pregnancy with no morning sickness, no pain and a enjoyable 9 months. I worked right until the end and still kept going strong and refused to accept any negative report. I spoke to Samuel and told him that he would come on Mondday and he did. As a result, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy who was born half an hour later with no complications, no stitches and a born again Spirit filled lady as the midwife. Another midwife was pleasantly suprised because she said that I would be there for hours as it was my first baby but i didn't believe her. I knew in whom I believed and that He was going to give me the strength to push the baby and placenta half an hour without any gas and air. I praise God for the victory over the enemy and fear. I also thank God for using Jackie Mize to teach me my right as a child of God and I recommend the book to everyone that I come into contact with who is expecting a baby.

Review by: C., California - November 26, 2006
Supernatural Childbirth

Thank you for this book. We have an 8yr old son and my husband and I are believing that I will conceive at 44yrs old very soon. I had 3 miscarriages in the past and one abnormal pregnancy and your book helped me built my faith. I will be writing back with my testimonial very soon.

Review by: M., Corinth, TX - November 26, 2006
It Works!

About 10 years ago a woman I'd only met once suggested that I read Super Natural Childbirth after I mentioned my husband of almost ten years and I hadn't been able to conceive. She sent me the book (she didn't wait for me to purchase it) I began reading it at night. I asked my husband to join me and he did. We had been told for almost ten years that we could never conceive children naturally. We didn't. We conceived them Super Naturally. We are now parents of two beautiful chldren, a girl 9 and a boy 8. The first thing I remember about the book is , nevermind what man says, what does God say? Every couple I meet who tells me they want to have children and can't I tell them about Super Natural Childbirth! I gave my copy away to a couple that needed it. God Bless the Mize family and God Bless Darlene for sending me the book.

Review by: J., Chicago, Illinois - November 26, 2006
Newly Wed

Hello Jackie! (What a nice name!) Well, I was married July 22nd of this year and with that comes the questions when are you going to have a baby... People were telling me how bad it will be, etc. But I have always said not me, I don't receive that. Years ago a cousin of mine was telling me her horror stories and I told her then I don't believe that, why would God do that to people. I didn't know how I was going to get this accomplished, but I believed that God would keep all that pain and misery from me and I believed that I wouldn't be this mean witch to my husband the entire time either. Well, one of my wedding gifts was your book! How excited I was to read that there are scriptures that line up with my thinking!! To me this is such a huge confirmation. I share with my husband every chapter I read. We are believing God for a baby boy and then twin girls! We don't know when, but we trust God. I will write with my testimony as soon as it all comes to pass. God bless You & Your Ministry.

Review by: F., US - November 26, 2006
I have Hope

A friend of mine gave me this book to give me hope. It gave her hope and now expecting her second child. I just read it now. Though I am not pregnant at the moment I am just being hopeful by faith in Christ Jesus that my testimony will come up here someday. My own case is that I want you to join me in believing God for my ovaries and entire womanhood responsible for childbirth to respond to carrying Samuel, Isaac and Ruth so that all glory shall be unto him alone. I have named my children. The womb and ovaries that have been shut and afflicted will surely bring forth these healthy children for the world to know God is indeed a Restorer. This is my faith and believe. Help me in prayer to see it come to pass, then I shall again share the testimony. Thank you and Amen in Jesus Name.

Review by: G., Bourbonnais,Illinois - November 26, 2006
A New Found Faith!

My husband and I got married in June 2003 and have been trying to concieve a baby ever since. We have gone to many fertility doctors who said that by me having cysts on my ovaries, it would make it hard to get concieve,and sustain a pregnancy. I had all but given up until I remembered hearing the title of this book. Something in my spirit would not let me give up. I searched and searched on the internet until I found it, and recieved it last week. I shared it with my prayer partner who knows of another woman facing the same trials, but I have no doubt in my mind, spirit or body that we will both be blessed with our babies by next year!!! I will write back with and update about our supernatual conceptions, pregnancy and deliveries!!!!

Review by: H., Malaysia - November 26, 2006
Claiming Supernatural Childbirth Second Time

Four years ago, I read this book over and over for 6 months and then I conceived my daughter. I continued reading daily until conception. I have a pain free 9 months. Her disposition is much more pleasant than my first-born son as I did not know about this book then. As I was very active in gym before pregant, I ate too much and gained over 20 kg. However I recovered from the after birth within 2 weeks and not 5 weeks as in my first born. I even overcome Asian superstitions by not following all the traditions in natal care but exercised, breast-feeding and claiming the promises of God of healing. I am praying that this time I will conceive a pair of unidentical twins, namely a girl and a boy both at the recommended birth weight for twins (6 lbs+ each) and for the full term. I pray that this time I will be able to control my weight gain so as to be within 13 to 15 kg all in, quick and easy delivery and both twins will be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally and 100% free of jaundice. That God will give me the ability and strength to breast feed both babies for at least 6 months to 1 year.

Review by: B., anambra nigeria - November 26, 2006
it makes my faith stronger

i had my first baby i year after my wedding which was four years ago since then it seem as if everything has blocked.i went to hospital,the doctor said it was immatured eggs.but thank God for my cousin who introduce this amazing book to i read through it i understand whose word that matters much;GOD's words not the doctors', now i don't care what the doctor said because i now know what the bible said about me and am believeing God for a supernatural conception;am also beliving God for twin boys in this pregnancy.i will come back to testify.thank you terry and jackie may GOD continue to use you mightly