By author: Dr. James W Goll
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Join James Goll on an exciting and insightful journey into the visionary world of The Seer

The Prophetic movements in church history and in contemporary life are fed by two mighty streams: the prophet, whose revelation is primarily verbal, and the seer, whose revelation is more visionary in nature. While the role of the prophet is familiar, less is known about the seer dimension. To many people, these visionary prophets remain mysterious, other-worldly and even strange.

Knowledge dispels misunderstanding. Join author James W. Goll on exciting and insightful journey into this lesser-known dimension-the visionary world of the seer. You will discover the prophetic power of dreams, visions, and life under the open heavens.

How does visionary revelation "happen"? Can it be trusted? Where does it fit into the life of the church today? Can any believer become a seer, or is this a prophetic dimension reserved for the spiritually-gifted?

The Seer will move your heart and stir up your hunger for intimacy with God, because "the seer's goal is to reveal the man Christ Jesus!"

"Jim Goll is one of the most respected prophetic patriarchs of our time. He has incredible prophetic insight and amazing foresight that merge in a way that I have never experienced in anybody else. This gives Jim the extraordinary ability to understand the spirit world and articulate it in a manner that launches believers into their divine destiny.

Before Jim wrote The Seer, I taught people that there was no difference between a prophet and a seer. Then I bought Jim's book and read it in one night! I was stunned by his revelation on the seer and the way he described the distinctions between different prophetic people. I have recommended this book to literally thousands of Christians all over the world. We also have a bi-annual school of the prophets at Bethel Church and we use The Seer as part of our curriculum.

Every person who wants to grow in the prophetic ministry needs to read this book. This book unearths mysteries hidden since the days of King David's seer named Gad. A decade from now The Seer will be referenced as one of the fundamental, reformational resources of our time. Jim lays a foundation with this book that will be built upon for generations. Thank you, Jim, for being a prophet to this generation, but even more, for being a father to multiple thousands of Christians."

Kris Vallotton
Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry
Author of seven books including, The Supernatural Ways of Royalty
Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church, Redding, California

"In the book The Seer, James Goll takes you on a journey through time back to the beginnings and endings of the seer and how in modern times we are still seeing and needing the seer ministry to be relevant. James gives accounts of his own life as a seer and shows the reader the ups and downs through learning how the seer in him has matured. I highly recommend this book to all those who are prophetically seeing so they can develop their anointing."

Dr Jeremy Lopez
Founder of

"Few can broach the biblically real, yet spirituality ethereal role of the Seer like Jim Goll. The Seer's life is itself a metaphor and Jim captures this distinction with both the seasoned skill of a prophetic veteran and the insight of one with heightened spiritual acuity honed by years spent walking with God. For those who have a revelatory gift, this book may make your entire life make sense."

John Paul Jackson

"When I first entered the world of spirit filled believers, I had been a pastor for 14 years. The first prophet I had met was very eccentric, I didn't understand his symbolic language and I was confused. In the years to come I met many prophetic people. I can still remember the night I sat across the table from James Goll and began asking him questions about the prophetic realm and the various ways God reveals things through both hearing and seeing.

James was very helpful in helping me understand the ways we can hear and see the activity of God in our life. I have had Jim over the years speak at my church and at my conferences on the prophetic. He has the unique gift of being able to explain the realm of mystery in ways that are comprehensible to those who have not yet experienced those realms. He gives to the uninitiated in the prophetic realm clarity of understanding, and the hope that even the uninitiated can be apprehended by the grace of God and the Spirit of God and enter into the prophetic seer realm themselves. I highly recommend James' book The Seer."

Randy Clark
Founder, Global Awakening

"James Goll is a personal friend and a co-minister in the Kingdom. I love it when our paths coincide at events and happenings. Whatever time I spend with James is always interesting, funny and insightful.

This book is a fascinating mix of biblically based research and inspiring revelation. It is full of principles, guidelines and values, regarding how the prophetic person should operate. A true prophetic voice has both foresight and insight regarding future events and the ways of the Lord. This is a book that will enable and empower people to see more in the Spirit and develop the capacity to interpret what they see more effectively.

James is a great storyteller and understands life as a journey. The Seer follows that perspective faithfully as James helps us to navigate the pathways that are common in the development of prophetic people. This book is rich with experience and revelatory insights. It provides us with places to stand, ponder and be transformed. Do not use this book in a superficial manner. This material has been hard fought for and gained through much struggle, pain and sacrifice. Great things never come easy. This book will save you from the pitfalls, dead ends and wrong turns that you would have made by yourself. James is a traveler, a pioneer and a trailblazer. Follow his footsteps, drink from the imprints that he makes as he walks you through into a place of passionate pursuit of intimacy and Presence.

This book is more than a manual, though it blends the mystical with the practical in a powerful way. This book is not a study guide, it's a map that takes you into uncharted territory and tells you where all the necessities for living this life are located. There are clues in the manuscript that tell you how to travel. You will need to keep this book close. On your own journey you will refer to it often. In my meditation suite at home I have a small bookcase near my writing desk. These are all the books that I would save if there were a fire. They are all the reference tools that I both love and need for my own journey. The Seer is in that bookcase, it's that important."

Graham Cooke

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