By (author): Gloria Copeland
Book Type: BF
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781575627304
Case Count: 15
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Price: $2.49

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There is nothing higher than God and His Word and the revelation that comes from meditating on His promises. In this book by Gloria Copeland, you'll learn that any other indulgence you seek for a temporary high is just a substitute for God - the Most High. If you desire supernatural victory, you will have to put the Word of God in your mouth and make your words agree with God's Word.

Gloria Copeland knows this to be true. She has spent the last 36 years learning to live by the Word. Just as she has seen God's Word work in her life, you can too. Grab hold of the wisdom in this book and discover:

  • The Word of God must become a part of you to work for you.
  • God is speaking to you right now-through His Word!
  • You cannot obey the Word of God and fail to prosper.
  • Your words matter!
  • It's up to you how much of the presence of God is in your life.

Through His Word, you can live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life. Why not begin that journey today? Take hold of the teachings in this book and start living high on God's Word.

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