By author: Trisha Frost
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Book Type: Paperback
Page Count: 204
ISBN: 9780768441314
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Believe and trust in love again!

Unbound weaves an uplifting tale of two people who begin their journey held captive by the strongholds and thought patterns that had prevented them from loving each other, their families, and the Father. Their pain begins to outweigh their shame until they seek for help, finding healing for their lives, their family, and for literally thousands of people around the world. Share the true story of how Jack and Trisha Frost apply God's unconditional love to their lives and it forever changes them and their family.

Learn to:

  • understand why we experience pain in order to develop a character that causes us to live moral lives.
  • become more than you can imagine you could ever be.
  • uncover the old habit patterns of thinking, that have become strongholds in your life and alienate you from intimacy first with Him and then with those you love.

Choose to take a chance to find your destiny through new challenges and discover what it means to live a life unbound from life's entanglements.

"Trisha Frost's book, Unbound, has the ability to take the reader to a place to not only recognize their hurt, but give them the tools to be made whole and move forward. As Trisha, becomes vulnerable and opens up about her own life it gives the reader a powerful example of how to overcome in sometimes the most difficult of circumstances. I recommend this book to hurt people looking to finally get past that which has kept them from moving on and to inspire that overcoming is possible in any circumstance." Randy Clark
Global Awakening

'This book "moved" me as I remembered Jack Frost and his revelation of the Father's Love which he brought to the Body of Christ. What a joy to see his wife Trisha now championing this same message, to penetrate our orphanness and heal the crippling inner fears of the heart.' John Arnott
Catch the Fire, Toronto Author of The Father's Blessing and Forgiveness

"I had the wonderful pleasure of knowing the late Jack Frost, whose message about the Heavenly Father's love changed my life. Today, his message continues through his wife Trisha, who is a skilled Bible teacher and gifted minister. In this special book, Trisha blends her life experiences and biblical insights with teachings from her husband to create a masterful book about spiritual freedom in Christ. Whether you are dealing with grief, emotional pain, fear, or other paralyzing emotions, this book will help you find the grace needed for full recovery." -J. Lee Grady, author and speaker
Director, The Mordecai Project and former editor of Charisma Magazine

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