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God doesn't do anything in the earth without first revealing it to His prophets (Amos 3:7). It's because of His mercy He always gives a wake-up call to prepare His people. In this moving and compelling book, Kenneth Copeland and Richard Roberts join Oral Roberts as he shares the vision - The Wake-Up Call God has given him concerning the future of the United States, the Jews, the Christians, and the world.

Brother Roberts heard the voice of the Lord say, I'm making a sign. This is one of the signs of the end time because the world is not ready for the Second Coming of My Son. My Church is not ready for the Second Coming of My Son.

Things will always happen exactly in the time God has chosen, and He's given mankind many years to repent. God is not out of mercy, but He is out of time. His giving of visions and signs is proof God is still interested in us. Our part is to simply turn around and be obedient.

God has given Kenneth Copeland a prophetic word concerning Brother Robert's vision. And in part two of this series, Brother Copeland is joined by Gloria Copeland and Billye Brim to offer insightful and informative commentary and interpretation of Brother Robert's sobering vision and God's exciting Plan for every man and woman who will respond to it.

The Wake-Up Call is your call to walk fear-free and love-filled in the overflow of God's glory instead of the overflow of sin's darkness in these last days. It's your call to be prepared to help when unprecedented events send a frightened, questioning world running to God for answers.

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