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Good Stuff
By (author): Michelle Stimpson
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781577948568
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For true romantics, romance doesn't end with the honeymoon - it only begins! Be enthralled with the romantic encounters of new brides, Sonia and Adrian, only to be shocked with the havoc misunderstandings wreak on these two young wives and their husbands. Somehow there must be hope for reconciliation.

Heavenly Places
By (author): Kimberly Cash Tate
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781577948575
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When Treva Langston loses her high-powered job and moves back to her home town, only God can help her start a new life in an all too familiar place!

Taste of Good Fruit
By (author): Marita Teague
Product Format: BC
ISBN: 9781577948582
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A spouse's untimely death, a devastating secret, and a seductive mistake - three insurmountable challenges that take close friends, Sydney, Sherese, and Chanel, on an escape to find that only in faith is there hope!