By (author): Mac Hammond
Book Size: 3.5 x 5.5
Book Type: BF
Page Count: 48
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781577944416
Case Count: 240
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Price: $2.49

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Practical Answers to Eternal Questions

This powerful little book by Mac Hammond offers insight into familiar but often misunderstood terms such as "born again" and "baptism in the Holy Spirit."

In Water, Wind, & Fire you'll find clear, biblical explanations of what it means to be "saved," the miraculous nature of the "new birth," and keys to living the Christian life abundantly and successfully.

You'll also discover answers to important questions like:

  • What are the three steps to being born again?
  • How is the Holy Spirit received?
  • What is "speaking in tongues" and what is its purpose?

If you or someone you love is seeking answers to life's most important questions, this book will provide sound Scriptural answers.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: D., Florence, AL - April 24, 2007
Awesome book

I read this book and it was absolutely amazing. I needed to receive the baptism of the holy ghost and had so many misconceptions about receiving and when I read the book it brought a whole new light to what I needed to know. After I read it I followed the steps that Mac had written and received the baptism. It was so easy, I had so many expectations of what was going to happen when I received and it was holding me back from receiving. Mac Hammond explained things so clearly and opened my eyes to the truth. Mac is an awesome writer and i plan on getting the next water, wind, fire the next step book. God bless all who read this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!