By (author): Norvel Hayes
Book Size: 3.5 x 5.5
Book Type: BC
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9780892742448
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What if you could pray perfect prayers - prayers that would unleash the full power of God in your life and the lives of others? God has given you the power of His Holy Spirit alive and active in your life. His Spirit provides the means for you to pray the prayers to unlock all the power of heaven.

In this pocket book Why You Should Speak in Tongues Norvel Hayes dispels confusion and brings to light the truth about praying in the spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Read about the role of the God's Spirit in your life, break through the confusion surrounding the topic of speaking in tongues and learn to receive all that God has for you through the power of His Spirit.

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What Others are Saying

Review by: R., Jackson, TN - December 30, 2009
I purchased this booklet back in October of 1984 and God used it to miraculously change my life. Prior to November 12, 1984, I had read this book two weeks earlier, but nothing happened. But then God orchestrated a series of events over the next two weeks to prepare me, so when I read this powerful little book again for the second time, I would speak in tongues and be forever changed. Here's my story. I was a Baptist Believer and knew very little about the Holy Spirit, nothing about tongues or the gifts of the Spirit. But then one day a lady knocked on my door passing out Holy Ghost tracts and inviting people to come to a revival a few weeks later. Then a few days later I was watching the 700 Club and Pat Robertson was talking about the need for believers to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the benefits of speaking in tongues. So on November 12, 1984 at about 7:00pm I was re-reading this little booklet "Why You Should Speak In Tongues" as I was also studying the Gospel of John chapters 13-15 when all of a sudden the atmosphere in my bedroom became supercharged with Divine Electricity. It was as if the room was filled with FAITH. All of a sudden my heart begin to pound with fear, expectancy and wonder all at the same time. I knew there was a spiritual presence in my room, but being ignorant of spiritual manifestations at that time, I did't know it was the Holy Spirit. About that same time my two daughters who were 5 and 3 years old came into the room and ask me for a drink of water. I said please girls not now something is about to happen to me. So I ran out of that bedroom into another bedroom to get away from their distractions, then I fell to my knees with the power of God still all over me, when I suddenly remembered what I had just read in Norvel Hayes book, "that I was to open my mouth and begin to praise God, open my mouth and God would give me the Holy Ghost language to speak." While there on my knees suddenly it seemed as if someone was pouring warm oil on my head, then it went down my shoulders, then it went down my arms, it continued until it reached my waistline and then it stop, when all of a sudden something begin to turn over and over in my stomach(belly) then all of a sudden this river of praise gushed up through my belly, throat and mouth and the next thing I knew I was standing and leaping and shouting and crying and speaking in this glorious heavenly love language that I had never spoke in before with waves of electricity pulsating throughout my body, especially my arms and hands. It was so loud I became afraid that my neighbors in the next apartment over would hear me so I closed my mouth, but it gushed out again and then I became afraid momentarily (because I said to my self what is this taking over me) then the love, the joy and the glory bubbled up again and I opened my mouth and it just kept gushing out. About that time my 2 little girls were staring up at their daddy with that "what has happened to my daddy" look on their faces. Then all of a sudden my hands were laid on both of their heads and I begin to prophecy over them about their future (however at that time, I didn't know what prophecy was). Many other thing happen to me that evening, but I'm so thankful for the ministry of Novel Hayes and I have read several of his and Kenneth Hagin's book over the years which also have had a tremendous impact on my life. I am now the Pastor of New Hope Freewill Baptist Church in Union City, TN.
Review by: A., Snowhill ,NC. - November 26, 2006
Why you should speak in tongues

This Small Book Has Realy Inspired me In my Understanding of the gift of the holy spirit with speaking in tongues.