Book Type: BC
Page Count: 64
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606833476
Case Count: 197
Availability: Out of Print

Price: $5.99

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Back from the school break, cousins Flap and Harpie are ready for their second year at the academy along with their friends. They soon find out that they are being taught by the same commanders as last year - Commander Baldie and Commander Goldie. However, it seems that Commander Baldie is not in a very good mood on the first day! Being his normal clumsy self, Beakster spills some white powder onto Commander Baldie's leg band medals and creates a chaotic scene in the first few minutes of the school year. After a stern lecture and flying laps around Halo Cliffs, all the eagles seem to be affected by Commander Baldie's mood. Just when things couldn't go more wrong for Beakster, they do! It's a good thing that Commander Goldie is there to help them remember that it's ok to laugh but it's even more important to have patience. Patience is a better virtue than pride!

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