By (author): Tony Cooke
Book Type: BA
Page Count: 224
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
ISBN: 9781606838495
Case Count: 68
Availability: In stock
Price: $14.99

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Are you ready to take your performance and that of your team to championship levels? When God wants to do something in the earth, He begins with a leader, but He finishes with a team - and you are called to be a vital player on that team!

Not only can we learn great lessons from the coaches and players of outstanding sports teams, but we must learn from the greatest Team ever: the Trinity. The collaborative partnership displayed by members of the Trinity set the standard for optimum team performance for us in the Body of Christ.

Championship traits examined in this book include:

  • C - Composure
  • H - Humility
  • A - Authenticity
  • M - Motivation
  • P - Persistence
  • I - Interdependence
  • O - Obscurity
  • N - Nobility
  • S - Strategy

One person can’t do it all, but a team, working together in unity under the anointing of God can accomplish things considered impossible. Take your place on God’s Dream Team and change the world!

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