John Bunyan

John Bunyan

The name JOHN BUNYAN is inseparably linked with The Pilgrim's Progress, commonly know to be the second highest selling book in the English language (after the Bible). Though Bunyan had little formal education, he broke literary ground by writing this allegory of the Christian life in the speech of the common people of seventeenth-century England.

When John Bunyan (1628-1688) was converted at age 25, he committed his life totally and irrevocably to the Lord Jesus Christ. Until his death, he possessed tireless enthusiasm for preaching the gospel. As a Baptist and a nonconformist, Bunyan eventually came into disfavor with the Church of England and thereby with the British government. Arrested for preaching illegally in a field, he chose to endure 12 years of imprisonment rather than promise not to preach again. During his imprisonment Bunyan wrote numerous articles and books, Christian classics that continue to inspire and challenge readers.

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Pilgrim's Progress New Amplified
By author: John Bunyan   Adapted by: Jim Pappas
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Exciting new levels of love and joy, hope and humor are skillfully woven by master storyteller Jim Pappas, into this enchanting retelling of John Bunyan's immortal classic!