Billy Joe Daugherty

Billy Joe Daugherty

Dr. Billy Joe Daugherty is founder and pastor of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has started 375 Bible schools in 75 countries, a Christian school, and mission training center. Billy Joe and his wife, Sharon, host the daily radio and television broadcast, "Victory in Jesus," reaching more than 100 million households around the world. He is the author of several books including This New Life (more than 4 million copies in print), God is Not Your Problem, You Can Be Healed, Knocked Down, But Not Out, and many others.

Dr. Billy Joe Daugherty es fundador y pastor de Victory Christian Center (Centro Cristiano Victoria) en Tulsa, Oklahoma. El y su esposa Sharon tienen un programa en televisión y radio "Victory in Jesús" (Victoria en Jesús) que se trasmite diariamente a más de cien millones de hogares en el mundo. Es autor de varios libros, uno de ellos con más de cuatro millones de copias impresas.

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When Life Throws You a Curve
By author: Billy Joe Daugherty
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Rev. Billy Joe Daugherty hit a homerun and brought home all the players in regard to handling unexpected situations and unplanned circumstances. The wisdom he shares through baseball analogies pitches new ideas onto the field and provides plays for non-stop winning seasons.