Gary Keesee

Gary Keesee

A few years after their wedding, Gary and Drenda found themselves with a mountain of debt and nowhere to turn. Desperate for real answers to life's toughest questions concerning faith, family and finances, the Keesees began to get serious about the Bible. It was there they found hope, and through applying sound financial principles, their lives truly changed from the inside out. They paid off all of their debt, made a stronger commitment to their marriage and rebuilt their financial business, catering it toward helping families live financially free.

Gary and Drenda's strong desire to minister in the marketplace fueled the creation of their many businesses, which are centered around helping people with their finances. Forward Financial Group alone has helped hundreds of thousands of clients, and Gary continues to encourage Christians to go out into the business world and make a difference.

Faith Life Now, founded by Gary and Drenda, offers worldwide conferences, weekly television programming, books and other resources, practical financial support and personalized help for people who need answers. The Keesees are passionate about getting down to the basics of how to live a different kind of life, and they love to share their stories.

Gary holds a B.A. from Oral Roberts University. Also the pastors of Faith Life Church, the Keesees make their home in Columbus, Ohio with their five children Amy, Timothy, Thomas, PollyAnne and Kirsten.

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Money Mysteries from the Master
By author: Gary Keesee
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Be propelled to success in your finances through the powerful teachings of Jesus!

A down-to-earth look at what Jesus had to say about money, Money Mysteries from the Master uncovers the keys to financial success, straight from the Master Himself.