Jim Berge

Jim Berge

Jim Berge is a self-professed armchair physicist, a lover of God, student of the ultimate origins of the universe, and by trade a robotics engineer and consultant. He is a frequent speaker and author on the topic of robotics, technology and manufacturing and owns his own consulting and engineering business, assisting corporations who own and use robotic technology.

Berge has been a follower of Jesus virtually his entire life, never remembering a time when he did not know and trust Jesus as his Savior and Master. An accomplished musician, active on his church's worship team, and a voracious reader, he is constantly pursuing a deeper relationship with the Ultimate Scientist - the God who created the cosmos yet loves His children intimately.

Jim lives in Shreveport, LA with his amazing wife Kayla, and his son Bax. He is surrounded by a huge godly family and loves music, the outdoors, travel and photography, and of course writing.

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