Trisha Frost

Trisha Frost

Jack and Trisha experienced many things through the 35 years of their relationship; some joyful and exciting, others disappointing and wounding. They lived, loved and fought their way into finally finding their destiny. From their life journey to find the love they had so desperately been seeking came a revelation of unconditional agape love that brought healing to their family and also to the lives of many families around the world as Jack traveled and shared their story. Now the message of agape continues in the life of Trisha and their children. Jack had for years encouraged Trisha to tell her side of the story, saying to the Shiloh Place staff that "there is a Niagara Falls of teaching in her, waiting to be released" but until now the circumstances of life and ministry have kept her travel schedule at a minimum. Today is the hour of her release as one of many Shiloh Place teachers as we chart our way through new challenges of life without Jack. Trisha's life used to flow from feeling like an orphan, abandoned by her own loving father, and then by her husband; she felt she constantly had to take a back seat to Jack 's other loves. Now she can take you on the journey to find your place in the heart of God as she shares the breakthrough of her own revelation of love at the culmination of her pathway to healing, foremost as a favored child of God, then also as a wife and a mother. Trisha is ordained with The River Fellowship.

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By author: Trisha Frost
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Believe and trust in love again!

Unbound weaves an uplifting tale of two people who begin their journey held captive by the strongholds and thought patterns that had prevented them from loving each other, their families, and the Father.