Rabbi K. A. Schneider

Rabbi K. A. Schneider

Messianic Rabbi K.A. Schneider is a born again Jew who came to faith in Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) in 1978. Jesus appeared to him in a vision, in the middle of the night. he is the host of the International television broadcast "Discovering the Jewish Jesus," which shows, with exceptional clarity, how the Old and New Testaments connect, and how Jesus completes the unfolding plan of God.

Rabbi Schneider is an End Times messenger of the LORD. He is crying out, as John the Baptist, to prepare the world for Messiah's coming. He presently resides in a midwestern state of the United States, is married and has two daughters.

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Awakening to Messiah
By author: Rabbi K. A. Schneider
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Discover the Jewish Jesus!

Teaching the Judaic roots of the Christian faith, fostering a deeper love for Yeshua, and sharing the Good News of Messiah with both Jew and Gentile.