Scott Chaplan

Scott Chaplan

Scott Chaplan worked for Peat Marwick Mitchell accounting firm prior to attending Pepperdine University School of Law where he remains on the faculty as an adjunct professor. He was a partner in the law firm Argue Pearson Harbison & Myers prior to founding Greene, Fidler & Chaplan, LLP, a business boutique which emphasizes in non-profit, real estate and corporate law. He is also a licensed real estate broker and the Chief Executive Officer of Urban Holdings, a private equity firm. Mr. Chaplan is on and/or advises multiple faith-based nonprofit entities.

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Battle for the Mind Expanded Edition
By authors: Dr. Georgianna Land, Scott Chaplan, Noel Jones
Product Code: 441406
ISBN: 9780768441406
Other ISBN: 0768441404
Product Format: Paperback
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Claim victory!

Whoever or whatever controls your mind, controls you. You can be victorious in every battle that the evil one throws your way-when you know and strike down the enemy's strategies.